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No More Debt Collector Calls

REPOST by Amy Hebert Consumer Education Specialist, FTC Calling people and pushing them to pay debts they don’t really owe? Posing as law enforcement and fake government agencies like the … Continue reading

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Are you unknowingly helping Scammers?

Repost by Bridget Small Consumer Education Specialist, FTC Online scammers are recruiting. They’re looking for people to help them transfer money and stolen goods. Of course, they don’t come right … Continue reading

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Office Affair for Money? Or Love Gone Wrong!

Is it a good idea to have an affair or intimate relationship with the boss? Is it a good idea to have access to the boss’s financial accounts when having … Continue reading

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Embezzlers, still on the roll!

This posting I thought I would present several cases to show that individuals are still on the roll in their illegal activities, particularly females. I’m wondering if there’s not enough … Continue reading

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Women Group Conspired to Commit Mortgage Fraud!

Sisterhood is a precious bonding that is rare and hard to come by, but when that union is to commit a crime it becomes a snowball from hell, as in … Continue reading

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Romance Scammers

The Price of love,!

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Shame on you daddy!

     They say you should lead a child in the way they should go, unfortunately, there are some parents who don’t have a cue and their child ends up … Continue reading

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Attemped Crime-Treated like Real Crime!

The CrimeDiva, Michelle Pike, 23-years-old is lucky that she gets to go home and be under nine month’s house arrest after her and five others attempted an insurance fraud. According … Continue reading

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243 Medical Professionals Busted, on $712 Million Fraud!

“Medical professionals ensnared by the Greed beast and crossed over to a life of crime!”

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A money order for you and one for, says the postal clerk!

A Morgantown woman was convicted in federal court for embezzlement, theft, and conversion of government monies, according to U.S. Attorney William Ihlenfeld. Samantha Christopher, 35, embezzled nearly $12,500 in money … Continue reading

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