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Are you unknowingly helping Scammers?

Repost by Bridget Small Consumer Education Specialist, FTC Online scammers are recruiting. They’re looking for people to help them transfer money and stolen goods. Of course, they don’t come right … Continue reading

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Airline Fraud

For over twenty years, Michael Yedor, 62, of Los Angeles, and Paul A. Anderson, 58 of Apple Valley stole over $36 million dollars from Delta and Norwest Airlines while they … Continue reading

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Our Mission

Welcome to CrimeDivas – I am LC DeVine, main blogger for this site and author of Women In Trouble books. Before I go into the mission of CrimeDiva I would … Continue reading

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REPOST An invoice today gets the doctor to pay March 26, 2015 by Amy Hebert Consumer Education Specialist, FTC Do you work at a doctor’s office? A nonprofit? How about … Continue reading

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Health Insurance Theft!

      Greed is not about need. Most people say it’s selfishness and medical doctors are saying it is an addiction. What do you think? Today’s CrimeDiva, Catarina Young, … Continue reading

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She Shopped at Wal-Mart

     Wow, this is a very interesting case to  start off this wonderful year 2014 . . . . Like the Midwest, we are going to start off with a big bang. … Continue reading

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Bank of America Hustled Fannie Mae & Feddie Mac!??!!

More corporate fraud in the mortgage industry. Bank of America found guilty of Mortgage Fraud  over defective mortgages sold by its Countrywide unit. It is a very rare occurrence for a corporate giant … Continue reading

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American Plant Products Female Employee Embezzles $1.2 million

           The CrimeDiva, Carolyn Dawson, of Oklahoma City, was convicted of one count of embezzlement and one count of tax evasion.  Ms. Dawson was sentenced too … Continue reading

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Law Office Worker Embezzles $1 Million Gets 10 Years In Prison!

“We have met the enemy, and he is us!” Walt Kelly      For those of you that follow my posts, you know I try to stay in the neutral, … Continue reading

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Electronic transfers get woman 17 months!

 “The facts we see depend on where we are placed, and the habits of our eyes.”  Walter Lippmann      In several posts you have read  about wire fraud. I … Continue reading

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