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$18 Million Inside Bank Job!

“True guilt is guilt at the obligation one owes to oneself to be oneself. . . . False guilt is guilt felt at not being what other people feel one … Continue reading

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“Finders Keepers” – No More!

  Be careful of keeping found money. In some places it is considered theft. Recently, in the Untied Kingdom, a young woman found £20 on the floor of a store and … Continue reading

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60 year old International Monetary Chief-Guilty of Closed Eyed $412 Million Payout!

This week, the French Court found Christine Lagarde guilty of neglect by closing her eyes to a $417 million government payout to a business mogul when she was French finance … Continue reading

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Air Travel Fraud

On the international size of Women In Trouble, a German court convicted a 35- year old woman f fraud for posing as a cousin to a victim of Germanwings  crash along. She … Continue reading

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International Money Lanunder Banned from USA

  Today’s Crime Diva, Michele Lasso, would definitely be one of the first, the want to be president, Donald Trump would throw out the country because she is a now … Continue reading

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$485 Million-Woman Repatriated to China

The US government convicted and jailed Kuang Wanfang, from China, for her part in a scam that stole over $485 million from a state-run Chinses bank. Ms. Wanfang was repatriated … Continue reading

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Dog Scam!

 Don’t let your love for a dog allow you to be taken! Repost by Lisa Lake- Consumer Education Specialist, FTC      Lots of people feel the urge to cuddle and … Continue reading

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1969′ Palestinan Bomber Lives in USA?

  Palestinian Woman Convicted in 1969 Israel Bombing I posted this story about Rasmieh Odeh earlier in the year when she was first charged with lying on immigration forms and U.S. citizenship applications … Continue reading

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A Fake University- Fraud Nets $5.9 Million

I think this is a serious wake up call for foreign students wishing to get an education and come to the USA. One thing students interested in obtaining an education in … Continue reading

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Immigration scam-Help!

A new kind of low Repost                                July 8, 2014 by Tom Carter Attorney, Southwest Region, FTC We’ve written about notarios and scams in the immigration process time and time … Continue reading

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