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Detroit Principal Convicted

We live in a society that has  a “by any means necessary” attitude now-a-days. It doesn’t matter what background you are from or what profession you are in. Often time, … Continue reading

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Doctors Or Drugs Dealers!

        I have a strong desire to write this post without any judgmental statements, and I shall do my best to do so. However, I want to … Continue reading

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International Money Lanunder Banned from USA

  Today’s Crime Diva, Michele Lasso, would definitely be one of the first, the want to be president, Donald Trump would throw out the country because she is a now … Continue reading

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Government’s Psychologist Gold Mine-$158 Million

“What a tangle web we weave when at first we practise to deceive,”  Walter Scott quote best befits today’s CrimeDiva Sharon Iglehart, 58, of Harris County, TX where she  was convicted … Continue reading

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Another Whistleblower Claims – $12 Million

     These days the government doesn’t have to do much when undercovering crime, not when we have good citizens like Dr. Michael Reilly. Dr. Reilly is a multi-millionaire for … Continue reading

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Another Major Healthcare Fraud

     Another large institution has avoided criminal fraud charges by agreeing to make a large cash payment to the government from which they ‘allegedly’ stole funds from. Interesting! If … Continue reading

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CrimeDon takes Government Transportation for a $20 Million Fraud Ride!

   I am forever amazed at how an individual can convince someone else to commit a crime with him or her that will lead him or her to be incarcerated. … Continue reading

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Are you unknowingly helping Scammers?

Repost by Bridget Small Consumer Education Specialist, FTC Online scammers are recruiting. They’re looking for people to help them transfer money and stolen goods. Of course, they don’t come right … Continue reading

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Wire Fraud Continues!

REPOST by Alvaro Puig Consumer Education Specialist, FTC Imposters. Impersonators. Fakes. Frauds. Phonies. You might call them by different names but these scam artists have one thing in common: they pretend to … Continue reading

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Is It A Real Company?

‘REPOST’ by Preston Reisig – Consumer Education Intern, FTC Got a question about a product or an account from a big-name online retailer that makes you want to speak directly … Continue reading

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