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Woman Convicted for Mail Fraud On House Fire

We have all seen the remnants of a burned house. We rarely think it was an act of arson, an purposeful act by a person to make an insurance claim. … Continue reading

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Mail and Stuff, Scammed Tens of Thousands Out of $3.2 Million

     Today’s crime story, wow! All I could do was shake my head after reading the information about today’s CrimeDiva. We have a couple that should be enjoying their … Continue reading

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Illegal immigration!

“America the beautiful, land of the free and the brave.” For many people throughout the world coming to America is like going to heaven. And for those that do come … Continue reading

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Faking an illness gets woman 41 months in prison

What we won’t do for money.  Unfortunate for the CrimeDivas of the day who faked an illness to deceit, but at the end ended up having a rare blood disorder. … Continue reading

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Elaborate Insurance Scheme sends 2 females to Prison

“The essence of  ‘the con game’ consists of an approach to a formally respectful person with an offer of great gain to be made by engaging in an operation that … Continue reading

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Money for the dead!

This is one of those cases where you have to place some of the blame on the government, not the crime, but for not having in place safe guards to … Continue reading

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