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$600,000 Organ & Tissue Fraud

“We are all in this together,” sometimes that’s not a good thing. In the legal world, this adds up to a group of co-conspirators. Such is those in this post … Continue reading

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CrimeDon takes Government Transportation for a $20 Million Fraud Ride!

   I am forever amazed at how an individual can convince someone else to commit a crime with him or her that will lead him or her to be incarcerated. … Continue reading

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Office Affair for Money? Or Love Gone Wrong!

Is it a good idea to have an affair or intimate relationship with the boss? Is it a good idea to have access to the boss’s financial accounts when having … Continue reading

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Airline Fraud

For over twenty years, Michael Yedor, 62, of Los Angeles, and Paul A. Anderson, 58 of Apple Valley stole over $36 million dollars from Delta and Norwest Airlines while they … Continue reading

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1969′ Palestinan Bomber Lives in USA?

  Palestinian Woman Convicted in 1969 Israel Bombing I posted this story about Rasmieh Odeh earlier in the year when she was first charged with lying on immigration forms and U.S. citizenship applications … Continue reading

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Immigration Fraud-Terrorist!?!

Woman Convicted of Terrorism in Israel – Naturalized U.S. Citizen!?!       This woman was arrested and is being charged with Immigration fraud. Though this has nothing to do with money … Continue reading

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Imported Honey Taxes Gets Diva 3 Years In Prison!

       The more I read the more I learn as I did in researching the post for today. I was not aware of ‘anti-dumping duties,’ which are penalties … Continue reading

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Cattle Fraud

       Here’s one of those cases of Paul stealing from Peter to feed John, or however that saying goes. I am really surprised, due to the money involved, … Continue reading

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Little White Lies ?

    Little white lies. I believe everyone tell one or two in their lifetime. But, what happens when a little white lie is actually a crime. As I have … Continue reading

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Women Sentenced to life for Life Insurance murder-for-hire scheme!

     The is the most malicious of any white-collar crime I have came across with a CrimeDiva, thus far.  It gave me a very sickening feeling in my guts to … Continue reading

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