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Questionable Ethics

Recently, a coworker was fired from the job. At the company I work for this is a regular occurrence. This however, does not keep you from being curious and it … Continue reading

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$30 Million – Domino Effect

It’s a big wide world we live in, yet we are still closely connected to one another. Interestly, we go about our individual lives doing what is important to and … Continue reading

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Call Scammers?

                                                  REPOST Scammers’ insults and injury … Continue reading

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Welfare Fraud Will Send You To Prison

     Just this morning I read six cases about welfare fraud, one for a few hundred dollars, a few in the ten thousand dollars marks, two in the hundreds … Continue reading

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No More Debt Collector Calls

REPOST by Amy Hebert Consumer Education Specialist, FTC Calling people and pushing them to pay debts they don’t really owe? Posing as law enforcement and fake government agencies like the … Continue reading

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CrimeDon takes Government Transportation for a $20 Million Fraud Ride!

   I am forever amazed at how an individual can convince someone else to commit a crime with him or her that will lead him or her to be incarcerated. … Continue reading

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Are you unknowingly helping Scammers?

Repost by Bridget Small Consumer Education Specialist, FTC Online scammers are recruiting. They’re looking for people to help them transfer money and stolen goods. Of course, they don’t come right … Continue reading

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Who’s Buying Your Personal Information?

Google Image    REPOST      By Colleen Tressler – Consumer Education Specialist, FTC If the friend of a friend is my friend, and the enemy of a friend is … Continue reading

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Fraud Give-a-way!

REPOST by Lesley Fair  Attorney, Division of Consumer & Business Education, FTC The scam is called card cracking and it may start off innocently enough. You see a post on … Continue reading

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Scammers Charged

    REPOST  by  Lois C. Greisman  Associate Director, Division of Marketing Practices, FTC You hear from us fairly often about imposter scams. In recent months, we’ve told you about … Continue reading

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