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What-Fake Attorney

I have heard of attorneys committing crimes, but you have to be masterful  to pulled off faking that you are an attorney. Our CrimeDiva today is, Kimberly Kitchen, of Huntingdon … Continue reading

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Government’s Psychologist Gold Mine-$158 Million

“What a tangle web we weave when at first we practise to deceive,”  Walter Scott quote best befits today’s CrimeDiva Sharon Iglehart, 58, of Harris County, TX where she  was convicted … Continue reading

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Another Whistleblower Claims – $12 Million

     These days the government doesn’t have to do much when undercovering crime, not when we have good citizens like Dr. Michael Reilly. Dr. Reilly is a multi-millionaire for … Continue reading

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CrimeDon takes Government Transportation for a $20 Million Fraud Ride!

   I am forever amazed at how an individual can convince someone else to commit a crime with him or her that will lead him or her to be incarcerated. … Continue reading

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Politician Criminals!?!

When I was alerted of today’s CrimeDon it wasn’t a big shock, as a matter of fact it seemed like  politics as usual. It was almost as if it’s expected … Continue reading

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243 Medical Professionals Busted, on $712 Million Fraud!

“Medical professionals ensnared by the Greed beast and crossed over to a life of crime!”

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Corporate Fraud-$258 Million Mental Health Care Fraud

     Have you viewed the Department of Justice websites They list every white-collar crime that is/or have been prosecuted by the Justice Department, and the list goes on and on … Continue reading

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Hospital caught! Double-dipping!

Here we go again . . . large company paying off the government for their criminal activities. I wonder are they willing to do the same for regular everyday citizens!?! Though, … Continue reading

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Doctor Accept Bribes!!!!

    No, no, no…tell me she didn’t! Some things just don’t make any sense . . . here is a woman who has invested twenty plus years of her life in … Continue reading

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Corporate Crime Week!?! – $41 Million

     After doing a little research I found that there were many corporations under the eye of the law and thought we would make this Corporate Crime Week to … Continue reading

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