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LC DeVine

     Welcome to CrimeDivas – I am LC DeVine, main blogger for this site and author of Women In Trouble books. Before I go into the mission of CrimeDiva I would like for you to read the  quote below:

 “The responsibility for change . . . lies with us. We must begin with ourselves, teaching ourselves not to close our minds prematurely to the novel, the surprising, the seemingly radical.  This means fighting off the idea-assassins who rush forward to kill any new suggestion on ground of its impracticability, while defending whatever exists as practical, no matter how absurd, oppressive, or unworkable it may be.  It means fighting for freedom of expression–the right of people to voice their ideas, even if heretical.  Above all, it means starting this process of reconstruction now, before further disintegration . . . .”  Alvin Toffler

 Crime and Greed . . . Greed leads to Crime!  

Have you been paying attention to what’s going on in the world, or are you one of those people so caught up in the small circle of his or her life that everything else is foreign to you? Do you know that there are hundred of thousands of females entering prisons yearly for crimes of greed? Yes, intelligent, college-educated and successful women are invading the prison systems in masses. What’s more shocking is it is not just occurring in the United States, but many countries world-wide. If you think I’m exaggerating, then just follow this blog  Read for yourself this epidemic of greed that has infected society.

The big question is WHY?

In an effort to understand and create an avenue for change I have started this blog. Its purpose is to inform viewers of the various white-collar crimes that are committed, particularly those committed by professional, educated, and career-minded females. I want you to be aware of what ‘are’ white-collar crimes. You wouldn’t believe how many there are, and some you may be committing, but are completely unaware of. Not to start any mass hysteria, but just FYI (For Your Information).

 Our (as in you and I) mission is to prevent, (Professional, educated, and career-minided females from commiting white-collar crimes), educate, and confabulate with others who have an interest in this epic situation and who has a desire to make a difference. 

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Learn more by reading Women In Crime stories. Most are available in both eBooks and print. May I suggest you read this short story, Password-DeVine – available at, free to Kindle Premium Members, or only .99 to upload on your eReader.  This book is an exemplar of how easy it is for a young person with computer skills  wrongfully used can end-up in a great deal of legal trouble.  Also, read this short story, The Check-DeVine, available on  Free to KPM, or .99 to others.  The Check is an exemplar  short story of how a person can commit a crime and not know it and ‘yes’, end up in prison.

These  short stories and books (and many more on the way) will give you some insight of how situations manifests into crimes,  many are based on true stories. The stories are dialogue from the females’ perspective of how, when and why she end up crossing the line or crossed . . . . this is about to get very interesting!

As you make your way down to the end of the main page click on ‘previous articles’, there are plenty more there that are full of interesting crimes, confessions and tips.. . .


Click on the book cover to take you to Amazon and learn read more.

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