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Money, Fire and Shame!

Many cities across the USA were hard hit during the last financial and real estate crises. Evidences are still apparent today by the many blighted houses in many cities and communities. To compound thees problems there are those [property owners] who tried financially to take advantage of the abandoned houses such as the people in this posting. This case is particularly disturbing to me because these people involved a youth in the crimes.

Today’s CrimeDiva is Beth Galloway, 42, of Iowa. According to the records, Ms. Galloway took a 13 year-old youth with her twice to try to set a fire to her boyfriends house so they could illegally collect the insurance money. [Twice-that should tell you something. Like this is not the road to take]. The boyfriend went the third time and successful burned the house up, then collected almost $67,000 from his insurance company. [The greed of money makes people do strange things-or is it the ‘power’ money  allows people that makes them greedy. In most cases, I believe it’s the things they want to buy with the money that makes them greedy.]

At any rate, these crimes occurred during 2014. Sometime later or something, later prompted an investigation into the fire and the story came out. According to records, The two withdrew money from the boyfriend’s bank account in  an attempt  to keep law enforcement from seizing the money. Ms. Galloway boyfriend was charged, convicted, and sentenced to 13 years in prison for mail fraud and and the use of fire to commit mail fraud. Ms. Galloway was recently convicted on three counts: one count of mail fraud, one count of using fire to commit mail fraud, and one count of conspiracy to commit money laundering.[I’m assuming Ms. Galloway tried to fight these charges based on the fact that it was her boyfriend who successfully burned the house and not when she and the 13 year old youth she involved in her two attempts. The jury didn’t buy it. They convicted her of all three charges. One of these charges carries a mandatory minimum of 10 years in federal prison. In all, Ms. Galloway will end up doing more prison time then the boyfriend who successfully set the house on fire and actually collected the money from his insurance company.

DeVine Notes: There are several lessons to learn here, most are based on moral compass. First, you NEVER get a youth involved in a crime. Second, do the right thing!  If you have to ask or wonder what is the right thing that should tell you, you have no busy doing anything.


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