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Generational Crime

storeThe post today reminds me of situations I witnessed when I was a small child. Of course, at the time I was unaware of the nature of the situations that is, that they were crimes. I recall there were several small mom and pop corner grocery stores in the community where I lived. Most stores were owned by people that were not of the same ethnic group as those that lived in the community, nor did they live there. 

These owners supposedly acts of kindness [Exchanging food stamps for cash] were actually exploitative and preyed on the poor. I recall going into the stores and overhearing the owners making deals with the women to exchange their food stamps for cash at a rate of thirty cent or more on a dollar stamp, or allowing the women to purchase merchandise that was not allowed on the food stamp program. For those poor women, I’m sure they knew the owners were benefiting more than they were, but it was an act of survival on their part. They were willing to give up some of the stamps to have the money to pay the utility bill, or the rent, which also created a situation where food was scarce later in the month. The owner’s understanding of the women’s situation was not heartfelt, but exploitative for their own personal financial gain. Such is this case.

Today’s CrimeDivas a mother Cruz Gonzalez, 60 and her daughters Fabiola Garcia and Gisela Mendoza were convicted of conspiracy to illegally exchange benefits for cash, cell phones, and other ineligible items in the sum of $722,149 they fraudulently obtained. The mother was given 33 months, Ms. Garcia 20 months, and Ms. Mendoza 6 months. The harsh reality is all three will be inmates together.

This is an unfortunate situation; 2 generations of women are going to prison. This is nothing new, as I mentioned it was occurring when I was a small child. What is more unfortunate this family had a good legal business, why take chances of losing it and going to prison . . . greed, and unfortunately greed seems to be woven into our society.

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new-margaret-black-jpegMargaret- Women in Trouble 


Margaret a young nurse journey to the Middle East on a missionary mission to help the poor in two third world countries and return to America with a changed direction in life that some how has her connected to a London bomber, Afghanistan cash crop and the death of a infamous saint. The world finds out her secret… will she be able to recover!

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