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Detroit Principal Convicted

download-1We live in a society that has  a “by any means necessary” attitude now-a-days. It doesn’t matter what background you are from or what profession you are in. Often time, the end results becomes more important then by what means, and many often find themselves in a position where they compromised not only their integrity, but their freedom.

Today’s CrimeDiva,  Josette Buendia, 50, a school principal, in Detroit was convicted by jury of one count of conspiracy, and two counts of bribery — for accepting $45,775 in kickbacks after refusing to accept a plea deal. She now faces up to 10 years in prison. [Remember, at this point it’s not about the money, but her position and the action that will determine the time she is given.]

Detroit citizens and lawmakers were in an uproar over this scandal that disenfranchised Detroit Public Schools children of needed supplies, Over $2.7 millions was given to a millionaire vendor for supplies he never delivered. It was reported that Ms. Buendia played a major part in the scheme. Her defense argued that she used the kickbacks to benefit the students.

Surely, Ms. Buendia, intentions were honorable, however, the means were not. I wonder if she was fully aware that these gifts she accepted and encouraged other administrators and teachers to accept were unlawful and unethical when the scam was presented to her by the millionaire vendor. One would think being a professional with degrees she had to know something was wrong with this arrangement. Read more : Detroit

For those of you reading this blog for the first time, please check out our mission statement. We are not here to disgrace these women further, but to use their experience as a learning lesson for us all. After you read the mission statement please read some of the posts and tell other women about this site, thank you!







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