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61-Year Old, Felony Theft


downloadToday’s CrimeDiva, Jody Flynn, 61, of Portland, OR was found guilty after a jury trial on a felony theft charge.  Ms. Flynn will serve nine months in prison for embezzling more than $330,000 in connection with the proposed sale of a paper mill in Baileyville. In total, Ms. Flynn, was given a four-year sentence with only nine months to serve in prison. The remaining 39 months of her sentence were suspended during a three-year probation term. [This is interesting, as I see very few cases where the court suspenes such a large portion of the prison sentence. Initially, I thought it maybe age related, but those of you that follow this blog know the legal system does not discriminate based on age. Am I glad to see what could be a shift in sentencing? Of course, for many reasons, the main one is justice can be served in other forms of punishment short of imprisonment.  The 500 hours of community service, she must do and paying back the $332,641 are other forms].

According to court records, Ms. Flynn had stolen the money in 2009 and 2010 from a Chinese investment firm and spent it on her daughter’s college tuition, a car, antiques, and jewelry. [ Traits of a CrimeDiva –  lavish lifestyle].

Despite the initial lie Ms. Flynn told the court [she was given a light sentence]  in documents and depositions that she had not spent the money but had moved it to her personal account to protect it from other parties involved in the sale, whom she accused of being dishonest. Her story fail apart when the prosecutor obtained documents showing that Ms. Flynn had spent the money, she changed her story and said the company had loaned it to her.

Something even stranger, Ms. Flynn had no formal training in investment work, but formed Greentree with business partner Berthier “Bert” Martin to facilitate the sale, interesting being this was a $1.5 million dollar deal [Do people really not check out folks that handle their money].

NEWS RELEASE – Women In Trouble – MARGARET, will be release November 11th, get your copy on Amazon or other online bookstores.

new-margaret-black-jpegYou never know what invisible forces are at work in to your life; like a CORRUPT POLITICAN- a TERRORIST- a SEX SCANDAL . . . Margaret didn’t know either.

Margaret Mae Monroe, a young nurse sets out to save the world after life changing experience in Africa and the Middle East. Returning to the U.S., Margaret starts a nonprofit organization and seeks a large donation from the renowned prosperity leader Saint Michel Costi. Instead of cash, the manipulative mentor opens the door to fame and fortune, and a deadly scandalous affair that reveals to the world her secret….

Unknown to Margaret, Homeland Security has linked her to the billion-dollar Afghanistan illegal heroin trade; a terrorist cell funded by it; and a female suicide bomber involved in a deadly London bombing.

Sentenced to 120 months in federal prison, morally and spiritually bankrupt, and feeling hopeless Margaret finds purpose and the strength to start over again through the service of helping others and the faithful encouragement of a new friendship.

Women In Trouble-MARGARET is the first in a series about ambitious, career-minded, and success-driven women who on their own or through connections turn to crime. Each story focuses on a new woman, the extravagant life of a diva, her crimes, and redemption . Here’s . . both sides of the juicy story.


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