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Doctors Or Drugs Dealers!

        I have a strong desire to write this post without any judgmental statements, and I shall do my best to do so. However, I want to emphasize the important role certain positions/careers play in our society and the importance these roles play in encouraging moral character and values than others. On the other hand, no one is immuned from character flaws, nor greed. I am not writing this to point out that today’s Crimediva is more or less important than any others I have posted, but to shed light on the position of the person.   

          Today’s Crimediva is ‘Doctor’ Jacqueline Lopresti, 52, of Fair Haven, N.J… Dr. Lopresti pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to distribute oxycodone. Dr. Lopresti was sentenced to 57 months [4.5 + years] in federal prison, ordered to pay restitution of $465,000, and fines of $5,000. In this profession, there is a high possibility that she may be able to practice medicine again one day. [Something to think about- unlike most jobs where a person’s barred for life.]

        According to court records, in 2009, Dr. Lopresti issued prescriptions  for drugs containing oxycodone, outside the usual course of medical practice and not for any legitimate medical purpose. The prescriptions were filled at various pharmacies located in and around Monmouth, Ocean, and Atlantic counties and ‘redistributed’ by others. [Yes that sounds like a drug ring to me]. Oxycodone is the active ingredient in brand name pills such as OxyContin,  Roxicodone, and Percocet. A controlled substance is highly addictive.

        As I mentioned above, my desire not to be judgmental, however, I want to stress the importance of this dual role of doctor drug dealer, which in this instances amounts to no more than greed. People in these positions are able to live the “American Dream” easily. Let’s do the right thing, the right way, without destroying lives [Including your own and your family] and not dishonor the position.

Coming Soon! “MARGARET’- Women in Trouble Series. Available November 11, 2016

margaret-new-yokYou never know what invisible forces are at work in to your life; like a CORRUPT POLITICAN- a TERRORIST- a SEX SCANDAL . . . Margaret didn’t know either.

Margaret Mae Monroe, a young nurse sets out to save the world after life changing experience in Africa and the Middle East. Returning to the U.S., Margaret starts a nonprofit organization and seeks a large donation from the renowned prosperity leader Saint Michel Costi. Instead of cash, the manipulative mentor opens the door to fame and fortune, and a deadly scandalous affair that reveals to the world her secret….

Unknown to Margaret, Homeland Security has linked her to the billion-dollar Afghanistan illegal heroin trade; a terrorist cell funded by it; and a female suicide bomber involved in a deadly London bombing.

Sentenced to 120 months in federal prison, morally and spiritually bankrupt, and feeling hopeless Margaret finds purpose and the strength to start over again through the service of helping others and the faithful encouragement of a new friendship.

Women In Trouble-MARGARET is the first in a series about ambitious, career-minded, and success-driven women who on their own or through connections turn to crime. Each story focuses on a new woman, the extravagant life of a diva, her crimes, and redemption . Here’s . . both sides of the juicy story.


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