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Couple Convicted of Grant Fraud


I find it interesting when I come across a case where a couple has conspired to commit a white collar crime. It affirms just how powerful greed is and moreover, the importance of living a life that is focus on doing the right thing at all times. Yes, one may say, ‘no one’s prefect’. I don’t think it’s a matter of being prefect, but defining what you are about and going about life living that truth.

Today’s post was upsetting to me when I learned of this elderly couple in their 70’s involved in committing a foolish crime and are about to spend their golden years in prison for stealing.

Today’s CrimeDiva Vesta Brue, 70, of Lexington, KY and her husband [I am assuming they are married, but today you never know] Jerome Hahn, 69, pleaded guilty, to conspiracy to defraud. According to records, Ms. Brue certified that the company Mr. Hahn owned [Telehealth Holdings, LLC] had incurred $222,037 in expenses related to two federal grants.

For those of you that aren’t aware, when you are dealing with federal money those funds are closely monitored and your records must be correct and verifiable.

Ms. Bruse is facing up to 5 years in prison and Mr. Hahn up to 10 years. Let’s pray the court has mercy.


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