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$30 Million – Domino Effect

It’s a big wide world we live in, yet we are still closely connected to one another. Interestly, we go about our individual lives doing what is important to and for our selves and we rarely think about ‘how what we o

It’s a big world we live in, yet each life affects another. Interestingly, we go about our individual lives doing what is important to and for ourselves, yet rarely do we think about ‘how what we do’ affects others, be it good or bad. I decided to write this post based on my personal experiences and the posting for today. [The case is not particularly special, I selected the topic and the two fit for its purpose.] Back to my point, as a cultural we are so into ‘self’ that we don’t consider how our actions and decisions will affect others people lives; this is particularly true when a person is involved in crime. There’s always a serious domino effect for everyone who lives are involved with that person. For example: A person steals from a company. That person immediate family [husband, wife, children and others are affected, they may have to move, get a new job, change school, and so many other adjustments. Others can also be directly affect, such as at work, new policies are created that causes workers to have to be watched, criminal background checks ran when they were not before, new departments created to deal with fraud and other costly technical measures put in place all because one person or a few people made a decision without thinking about how it would affect others. 

Today CrimeDiva was once a Zulu queen Lisa Crinel, 52, of New Orleans, LA, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit health care fraud and a kickback conspiracy charge from the 26-count federal indictment. One of her co-conspirator Sheila Mathieu, 46 a registered nurses and mother of a NFL player admitted to a charge of aiding and abetting the theft of government money for her role in the scheme.  In all, there were 21 people indicated in this $30 million dollar health care fraud, but the newspaper decided to highlight these two women, because of whom they are and whom they are connected to. 

According to the records, Ms. Crinel took a deal so that federal prosecutors would drop felony charges against her daughter, Wilneisha Harrison Jakes. One can only imagine the embarrassment felt by the professional football player because of his mother’s actions.

Back to the topic, domino effect, crime does not just affect the person committing the crime, it also affect the people you love and others directly and indirectly.








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