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Taking IRS for a ride!

1040     Fighting against the IRS can be like fighting against a ferocious monster, especially when it comes to fraudulently obtaining tax refunds and then attempting to evade the consequences by trying to outsmart them, which is stupid because they have seen every trick in the book.

CrimeDiva, Winona Jean Cox, 40, of Lexington, KY, must have not got the memo, because she was just convicted by a federal jury on four counts of filing false income taxes, and then trying to prevent the government from collecting.

According to records, Ms. Cox falsely claimed over $477,000 in tax refunds from 2005 to 2008. She over-reported interest income and tax withholding, using counterfeit IRS forms, [Hold up…counterfeit IRS forms this is already in the stupid zone. Why in the hell would you make up some forms when you can download the real ones]. Okay moving on . . . . And then she submitted these claims for tax refunds based on inflated amounts.

Now this is where she really messed up and made the beast come after her, Ms. Cox was mailed a tax refund check for one of the fraudulent returns, and being ‘slick’ she kept the IRS from recovering the money by reassigning the titles to her three homes and her car to other people. She opened a bank account under another name and transferred the refund money into that bank account. [Another dumb move . . . all they had to do was follow the paper trail].

The judge will sentence Ms. Cox, on Dec. 14. She could get up to five years in prison on the false tax refunds, and three years in prison for interfering with the IRS. As I have stated before when you make the government take you to trial they give you as much time as they can and in this case where she was trying to ‘evade’ the IRS on every front it won’t be a surprise if she doesn’t get the entire 8 years. We’ll check back. For her family, they may not have to go far to visit since there is a federal female prison  in Lexington. However, to be vindictive they, that is the government, may send her somewhere hundreds of miles away. . . . 

CrimeDiva note: With all these people, going to prison you would think others would have gotten the message not to cross the line. It is obvious they message is not getting out there. Will you please help stop white-collar crime by telling others, especially females about this blog and be sure to click the follow button, thanks!


2 comments on “Taking IRS for a ride!

  1. Larry

    Ever hear what the sentence was??

    • CrimeDivas

      She was sentenced to prison, Aliceville, FCI, to be release 2/2018

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