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pope  This disheartening reality weighs heavily on my mind to the point I find it necessary to write about it.

I have received correspondence about this situation from inmates all over the United States, which truly is alarming. These inmates dejectedly share that their families have abandoned them. The most disturbing aspect of this situation is it is more prevalent with the Black inmates’ families than with all other ethnic groups incarcerated. Even the Pope took time to meet with prisoners

For the life of me, I cannot understand this, especially since the majority of Blacks claim to be of some religious faith…most Christians. If this is true, Christians according to the biblical teachings “Are to remember those in prison, and those who are mistreated as if you yourself were suffering. Heb.13:3. Additionally, Christ commands us to “Love one another as I have loved you.” John 13:34.

With that said, I am struggling to understand if all these Black families are Christians, Muslims, and so forth, or are they hypocrites to the cord. Yeah, I said it.

Now let’s be clear about this, if you are to remember someone in prison and act as if it is you enduring the suffering, then you would visit that person, you would want to know how that person is doing, you would need to see that he/she hasn’t been physically, sexually, or mentally mistreated.

If you are following the doctrine of Christ, Muhammad, and others concerning love as Toni Braxton song states, “Love would have brought you home.” Remember home is where the heart is.

True ‘love’ according to 1Corinthians 13:7, “. . . always protect, always trust, always hope, always perseveres, and most of all love never fails.”

     This article isn’t meant to be a religious lesson, but as my best friend states, “Speak the Truth and Shame the Devil.”

Life is not easy for most Blacks in this country and if we think about it nowhere in this world. We need each other especially those in prison need someone positive to encourage him or her after their stupidity, bad decision-making, self-hate actions, or misfortunate, which led them there.

If love does not fail, you should send that letter or card, put a little money on his/her account, allow a call occasionally. Love is not a burden, because we do it for love.

Too many of our brothers and sisters sit in those hellholes called prison, depressed, angry, hopeless, lonely to the point of suicide, because they have been abandoned by their lifeline-that is their family. This is more prevalent for those tens of thousands imprisoned inside the prisons called solitary confinement units where they are restricted to a cage almost 24 hours a day. These prisoners are constant subjects for inhumane mistreatment by the prison staff. How can these families allow this to occur? How could they allow the system to turn into an out of control monster, to do whatever it wants to their; child, wife, husband, brother, sister, or cousin, and not protect them as 1Corthinans commands them? Shame on every one of you! I ask, if it were you sitting in that cold cell, hungry, living in constant fear, left all alone with no family showing any concern, how would that make you feel?

Black families we must do better for our own. It only takes a few minutes to write a letter, send a card, spare a few dollars, and when possible a few hours to visit every once in a while to let your love one know, “You Are Not Alone,” as Michael Jackson song states .

Those of you encaged, make certain your family and friends missing in action get a copy of this article.  Love & Peace!

LC DeVine is a writer and blogger Send mail to: P.O. Box 4026, Flint, MI. 48504, along with a SASE if you desire a reply.

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