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$4.5 Million Advance Pay Scheme

PayFor the life of me I don’t understand why a person can’t wait until pay day instead of going to these places and giving away their hard earned money through high interest rates. Just wait! Unfortunately, what I think doesn’t mean nothing in this world of instant results and greed. The crime committed by today Dons goes much farther then the local corner advance pay loan. 
CrimeDons,  DAVID C. JACKSON, also known as “C. David Manns,” “Charles Jackson” and “Andrew D. Smithson,” 53, and ALEXANDER D. HURT, also known as Alex Hurt and “Alex Dante,” 45,  were found guilty of conspiracy and wire fraud related to an advance fee fraud scheme they conducted that defrauded more than 40 individuals out of more than $4.5 million. [Wow, only 40 individuals to get $4.5 million].
Mr. Jackson and Mr. Hurt took their cases to trial and the jury returned a verdict of guilty on all 11 counts after deliberating for approximately three hours. [Didn’t take much time for that!] 
According to records, in September 2009, Mr. Jackson, started the Jalin Realty Capital Advisors, LLC, in Dayton, Ohio. In 2011, Mr. Jackson JACK changed the business name to American Capital Holdings, LLC, in Pennsylvania. Soon afterward, Mr. Jackson introduced himself to victims. 
Mr. Hurt was known as Vice President of Brightway Financial Group, LLC, a company in Grapevine, using his background as a pastor with a Brockton, Massachusetts church to gain the confidence of at least one victim who lost money in the scheme.
Mr. Jackson and Mr, Hurt and others defrauded individuals, including Connecticut residents, who wired funds to them in anticipation of receiving large business loans. The upfront fees were alternately described as “application fees,” “collateral fees” or “commitment fees.” The victims were promised a refund of the upfront fees if their loan transactions were not completed. In order to convince victim-borrowers that the loans were legitimate and Jalin and ACH had successfully secured loans in the past, Mr. Jackson provided victims and potential victims the name and phone number of a co-conspirator and told them that they could contact her for a reference. After she was contacted, the co-conspirator falsely represented to victims and potential victims that she had, in fact, received funding from Mr. Jackson for a construction loan, and that she had successfully done a project financed with her co-conspirator and Jalin. The reference she gave was false and was just another part of the scam.
Through this scheme, more than 40 individuals provided Mr. Jackson and Mr. Hurt with more than $4.5 million in advance fees and funds that were to be held in escrow for business loans that were never provided. Some of the individuals received partial refunds of the advance fees they had provided, but the refunds were made using fees that had been paid by other victims in a Ponzi-like scheme.
Mr. Jackson was previously convicted of federal bank fraud and money laundering offenses in October 2006 and was sentenced to 41 months in prison, followed by five years of supervised release. He was released from federal prison in September 2009 and operated this advance fee fraud scheme while on supervised release Judge Arterton scheduled a forfeiture hearing for October 27, 2015, during which the government will seek an order of forfeiture ordering the defendants to forfeit all proceeds traceable to the scheme. Judge Arterton will schedule sentencing after the forfeiture hearing. [Wow, now this is a real crminial, doesn’t care about going back to prison!]
DeVine note: Make ‘certain’ the company you are dealing with is legitmate– check with your state’s authorities, the BBB and other agencies before giving any upfront fees to anyone. Quick money is in most cases not legal money and will lead to prison. 

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