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$50 Million-Medical Scheme Offered Free Breast Lifts & More

images (1) I think that ‘Greed’ is a disease. CrimeDivas is two years into posting white-collar crime stories. So far, it appears that the same crimes are being committed, by different people, of course, but at an increasing and alarming rate. I’m wondering could it be these individuals are totally unaware of the consequences of their actions- of losing everything they own; does the thought of spending years in prison weigh less on their minds and the immediate monetary benefits more; do they not understand the outcast status that comes with the felon label.

I will not insult these women (and men) intelligence by saying, “No they don’t know”, because most of them are professionals and college educated. Therefore, I am sure they understand that there are laws and that these laws have consequences. However, in my last post I stated, most have the delusion they are not going to get caught. They gamble with their life and freedom with the heart of a gambler who continues to win in a roll of the dice or pull of card and luck eventually runs out and everything is lost including their freedom, and then and only then do they see the big picture. . . . The picture that Greed was a trap from the very first step and there is no winning.

Today’s CrimeDivas, Theresa Fisher, 45 of Tustin, CA and Lindsay Hardgraves, 30, of San Pedro, CA were convicted for their part in a scheme to bilk insurance companies out of more than $50 million. Ms. Fisher was a consultants and Ms. Hardgraves was a marketer at Empire Surgical, Vista Surgical, and Princess Cosmetic Surgery centers.

According to records, patients were lured by the medical centers and told they could get free or discounted cosmetic surgeries – including tummy tucks, breast augmentation, nose jobs, or liposuction – in exchange for undergoing procedures they didn’t need, such as endoscopies, colonoscopies and cystoscopies. [What vain creatures we are that we put our bodies in harm way to have ‘the look’.] The centers submitted bills to insurance companies for more than $71 million for the unneeded procedures, and received more than $50 million in payments before the scheme was discovered. Unfortunately, these two women took their cases before a jury, lost, and convicted of one count of mail fraud for their involvement in the scheme. Ms. Fisher, as one of the conspirators, received 42 months in federal prison and has to pay a restitution of $2.6 million. Ms. Hardgraves sentenced to 5 months in prison and has to pay back $85,000.

When reading about these types a cases, you wonder if these individuals were just doing their jobs and had no knowledge that doing so could and would get them involved in a crime. Since the two went to trial [Please understand it doesn’t take much for a prosecutor to convict when he/she has handpicked the jury and claiming that the person knowingly committed a crime] we know the public believes everything they hear and read not allowing a benefit of doubt, nor understanding how such a situation could have occurred.

What we can do is to make more women aware of the consequences of white-collar crime, please follow this blog, and tell others about it. Let’s make a difference!


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