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As I was scrolling down a search engine page, I noticed that the page was populated with recent convictions of women who had committed some form of social security fraud. I wondered if there was a reason or was this just the nor; unfortunately, it is a regular occurrence. I thought, however, that I would post some of these crimes to make sure we keep sight of this blog focus, which is to inform, educate, and prevent women from committing crime, especially white-collar crimes that leads them to prison. If women read this posting hopefully if they are committing or thinking about committing, they will see the consequences and STOP before it’s too late. Please keep in mind too late does not mean your actions will not catch up with you, so the best thing is NOT to ever commit a crime.
Our first CrimeDiva, Diana Lynn Ball, 57, of An Ashland, KY. Ms. Ball was convicted of running a Supplement Security scheme for over 15 years. According to records, she claimed that she was not living with her husband while collecting SSI, but was in fact living with him and he helped supported her. [Mind you, he knew about this and was convicted along with her.] Ms. Ball collected over $280,000 and faces up to five years in prison.
SSI is an income assistance program designed to provide financial assistance to elderly and disabled individuals who meet the program’s eligibility requirements. Kentuckians who are eligible for SSI also qualify for benefits under the Kentucky Medicaid Program. [Note the records did not state she wasn’t disabled only that she provided false information about her living arrangement, so beware you are providing all the correct information. It is far better to receive less from the government than to have to do time behind bars.]
CrimeDiva, Karlotta Venegas, 44, from Webster City, Iowa, was convicted of one count of Supplemental Security Income Benefits Fraud. Ms. Venegas likes to travel outside of the U.S. boarders and her conviction came about from her lying about how long she was gone. Apparently, there are rules that disqualify you from receiving SSI if you are outside the country for thirty days or more. According to records, Ms. Venegas had travel outside of the U.S. eight times and lied about how long she was gone. [FYI- use your common sense. When you go and come back into this country, your passport is stamped and that information is recorded in a database, so why lie about something that is so easily verifiable.]
The next CrimeDiva, Julia Nguyen, 48, of Des Moines woman was convicted on 22 federal felony counts by a jury of attempted immigration fraud, theft of federal government funds, social security fraud, false use of a social security number belonging to another person, aggravated identity theft, making material false statements to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, health care fraud and mail fraud in connection with the Iowa food assistance program. [When you take these cases to trial, you noticed how the defendant ends up being charged with multi crimes, which increase their prison stay. I understand fighting if you are truly innocent, but if you are guilty; well let’s just say the court shows no love.]
As I read about Ms. Nguyen, I get a picture of a con artist. [Of course, that’s how the government wants us to see her]. According to the records, Ms. Nguyen tricked a doctor into completing false immigration documentation for two Vietnamese nationals who were seeking to become U.S. citizens, but had had difficulty passing the language and civics portion of the naturalization process. Although federal officials rejected the paperwork after it was submitted, Nguyen nevertheless tried to convince federal authorities that the applicants were medically unable to pass the exams, and should be granted exemptions.
Along with her other actions, Ms. Nguyen fraudulently obtained over $59,000 of Social Security benefits for numerous persons who had left the country and were no longer eligible to receive program benefits. This undisclosed income made her ineligible for the $33,600 of Social Security payments she received from 2010 through 2013. [Remember, I just wrote above about how the government track coming and going of passports].
Ms. Nguyen was also convicted of using the name and social security number of a man who years earlier had returned to Vietnam to fraudulently obtain funds from the State of Iowa. Nguyen submitted claims to the state rental reimbursement program asserting he was renting an apartment in Des Moines, and received over $3,600.
Ms. Nguyen’s application was approved, and one of Nguyen’s daughters was paid by the State to provide such unnecessary care. The mail fraud conviction covered Nguyen’s abuse of the food assistance program, which is jointly funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the State of Iowa. After an elderly food assistance recipient left Iowa to return to his home country of Vietnam, Nguyen had his food assistance electronic benefits (EBT) card sent to her post office box, and used it for her own benefit for several years. Nguyen had replacement EBT cards and various notices sent by the State in the original recipient’s name to Nguyen’s post office box.
I wonder as you read through these three examples how petty these crimes were, not the usual large-scale money scams, but there are far more of these crimes bring convicted of then you can fathom. Again, tells someone about this blog, follow, and like it on Facebook so we can get women to think about the consequences of crime.


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