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Office Affair for Money? Or Love Gone Wrong!


Is it a good idea to have an affair or intimate relationship with the boss? Is it a good idea to have access to the boss’s financial accounts when having an affair with him/her? What happens when these relationships end and especially those that end bitterly? In my mind, this particular case could be the results of love gone wrong, meaning someone is going to prison. Nothing is directly mentioned in the information I researched that the relationship ended bitterly, but as mature and learned adults, I believe we can put the puzzle together and make some very accurate assumptions.

According to records, our CrimeDiva, Katherine Haddaway, of Talbot County, Md., had an intimate relationship with her boss, Wayne Hilmer, who owns three jet airlines companies. [It didn’t say, but I’m willing to bet he was married and she found someone else she rather have a relationship with, or his wife found out and he had to end it and later found out she had taken these funds.]

Over a course of three years, records state that Ms. Haddaway embezzled over $335,000 [In general, from the millions I’m used to writing about on this blog, that’s really not a lot of money.]  Unfortunately, Ms. Haddaway took this matter to trial, which lasted eight long days. [Under the circumstances, I can understand, sleeping with the boss. I’m sure there were perks and having access to his  money was one]. The prosecutor presented 345 exhibits to a jury. They found her guilty of 37 counts. I’m sure this overzealous attorney was pissed when she didn’t go for a plead and therefore threw the book at her and as I have informed in these posts, in general, most states criminal guidelines are much higher than federal in terms of sentencing times. So, don’t be surprised when I follow-up this post that Ms. Haddaway was given a ridiculous amount of years for this office love affair that went wrong.

Maybe this will serve as a learning lessons to others, “Don’t mix work with sex.”


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