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This posting I thought I would present several cases to show that individuals are still on the roll in their illegal activities, particularly females. I’m wondering if there’s not enough exposure to this serious life changing situations once a person is caught. Could it be that people are willing to gamble their freedom away at the chance of financial gain, and most of these cases do not mount up to millions where one can say they were living large? What’s your take on that?

The first CrimeDiva, is Patricia Culbertson, 52, of Nevada, Missouri. Ms. Culbertson was convicted and sentenced to two years in federal prison for a four-year embezzlement scheme in which she stole $336,000 from her employer, Barrington Manufacturing Corporation where she worked as a bookkeeper. Unfortunately, Ms. Culbertson had been previously convicted of trafficking drugs. I’m surprised she only received two years for this offend.

The second CrimeDiva, Laura Lee Scholz, 48, of Burnsville, was convicted of embezzlement by a jury and was sentenced to 70-months by the judge. [I have repeatedly stated that when you are truly guilty don’t make these people take you to trial because you will end up given more time for pissing them off for going through these legal procedures.]

Ms. Scholze had been working for Service Quality Institute from 2007, but was promoted to head bookkeeper in 2011 and immediately start embezzling money from the business. [This makes you wonder if she was already doing this while in her previous position. It just doesn’t pan out.] In the two years, before she was caught she stole nearly $300,000. On top of all of this, the judge sent her immediately to prison, yes, right in court that day.

Did you notice that Ms. Culbertson stole over $300,000 an already a convicted felon, but received less time than Ms. Scholze who was sentenced to more than double the time for nearly the same amount.

The third CrimeDiva, Shantel Judah, of Slidell. Ms. Judah is a rare case and a very lucky woman. Ms. Judah for some unknown reason instead of prison she got five years to pay $123,000 and the remaining $12,000 will be seized from her retirement fund. [I wonder why the court system doesn’t try to work this kind of sentencing with more offenders. With her having a criminal record, it’s going to be harder to obtain employment so how is she going to pay this money back in five years?]

Ms. Judah pleaded guilty to the nine charges of stealing from her employer, Dr. Albert Tydings. [Yeap, she was the office manager/bookkeeping.]

The final CrimeDiva, is a mystery as she has not been arrested, but the story was live in SPOKANE, Wash and this is crazy because the women was just recently convicted of embezzling $1000,000 from a Spokane Valley business and now is suspected of doing the same thing to the another company who hired her.

Here is something NEW I just learned, despite a successful prosecution, the suspect never spent a day in jail for the first crime and hasn’t paid a penny back in restitution. In Washington State, the maximum amount of jail time embezzlers’ face is zero to 90 days in jail.

What I have noticed with all four of these cases, the owners/companies do not have a check and balance system in place. These individuals had been committing these crimes for years unknown and undetected and it was usually by total accident that it came to light, most doing their taxes and realizing the numbers don’t match up.

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