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El Chapo , a CrimeDon!


     I don’t consider drug lords when writing about CrimeDons, but this is just too juicy to pass up. I ‘hate drugs’ and what they have done/doing to our communities throughout the world, both legal and illegal. The only difference between the two is the visibility of violent connected to the latter. However, at the end of the day both legal and illegal are all about greed. The drug companies, in general, produce drugs that do not heal, but mask the symptoms by managing the pain, to make a profit, and drug dealers sale drugs to make a profit.

I’m amazed at what people will do for money . . . . I’m talking about those workers inside the prison system where El Chapo was housed. However, this occurs in “all prison systems” . . . from guards, co’s, and many other employees that are stupid and greedy. Just consider this case with El-Chapo: A man that’s worth $$$$billions, who has the funds and connections to have a mile long tunnel built under the prison, with a rail track, and a motorcycle for a quick get-a-way, which was built directly under a personal shower in his jail cell with a 24 hour video surveillance. Baby… that’s the power of money! Make people want to trade places with you.

Now my thoughts about these stupid guards are, perhaps they didn’t hear about the escape of those two prisoners in New York State recently, or the firing of prison officials and the arrests of those guards. If you’re going to do something like help someone escape, and you shouldn’t be doing that but for augment sake, you can not cut a deal where you are left behind. With a man who has billions you and your family should have been paid millions, so you could disappear, and start a new life too. Now these guards are going to be the ones in prison while El-Chapo (Shortly) is somewhere enjoying life, and mind you he was smart enough to be free 13 years his last escape, at 60, he’s smarter and wiser and don’t plan to be caught this second time. Just imagine the patience this man had for nearly two years knowing that a tunnel was being built for his escape.

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