Female White-Collar Crime Divas-Mordern Day Thieves

Attemped Crime-Treated like Real Crime!


The CrimeDiva, Michelle Pike, 23-years-old is lucky that she gets to go home and be under nine month’s house arrest after her and five others attempted an insurance fraud.

According to records, the group had a Dodge Ram rear-end a Ford Escape. Michelle called in the accident claiming her vehicle had been struck, but a police became aware of what was happening while investigating a drug trafficking situation. Come to find out Michelle wasn’t in the vehicle at the time of the staged accident, and then the police intercepted phone calls while she was discussing setting up the accident, and calling for legal counsel. [Yes, this is a petty crime and would not usually be included in CrimeDiva. However, I wanted people to be aware of several things that are very clear here: You can and will still be convicted of a crime even if it’s not carried out or rather you don’t get the benefit; and that you have no privacy. The call was intercepted . . . meaning law enforcement was listening]. 

If the group had successfully gotten away with this crime they would have wrongfully gained $65,000, according to records. Michelle was lucky she only played a small part in this charade. She could be doing nine months in prison instead. Unfortunately, now she has a criminal record, but she still has time to turn her life around. In five years, depending on state law, she can file for an enpungement.

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Keep your eyes out, Missionary, will be released soon!!!!


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