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Ex-police detective, daughter is a felon con-artist!


 The CrimeDiva today is, Stacy Foote, 50, of Waterford, WI, who just a year ago changed her name from Stacey Jenson. [I could speculate, why.]

As I reviewed this case, I was just amazed at everything that had and was going on with this woman. First, no one knew that she had a criminal history that included convictions for more than a dozen felonies and misdemeanors in the early 1990s. According to records, she was convicted of papering the Milwaukee area with bad checks, stealing from a south side Catholic Church, and bilking a suburban high school pompon squad. [I believe everyone should be afforded one mistake in life, however, Ms. Jenson/Foote had multiple chances.]

What’s so interesting about Ms. Jenson/Foote is that, she is the daughter of a Milwaukee police detective, not that that should make her or anyone related to an individual that works for law enforcement immune to committing illegal acts. However, society would like to think they of all people would know/do better.

We will assume that, Ms. Jenson/Foote, after her crime spree in the 1990s got herself together, because she was hired in 2007 by Industrial Electric Wire & Cable Inc. of New Berlin, as an office assistant and she then became the company’s events planner in 2010, organizing events at hotels and resorts and trips to the games of local sports teams. She also started her own company, Elite Sports, and Public Relations, a now-defunct company that represented numerous pro athletes, including Greg Jennings and Javon Walker of the Packers.

According to records, Ms. Foote was indicted on 17 counts of wire, mail, and credit card fraud for stealing more than $2 million. She reportedly used company credit cards and checks for unauthorized purchases, often for Elite Sports or her personal expenses.

“Since she was IEWC’s event planner, IEWC issued Jenson checks drawn on its M&I Bank account to pay for IEWC events, typically with minimal company oversight, as Jenson claimed to need such checks immediately to get a discount,” the complaint states. “Jenson often converted such checks to her own use by depositing them into her own accounts.”
In addition to spending about $346,000 in credit card charges and about $477,000 in checks for expenses unrelated to IEWC events, she also told the company she was getting free tickets, transportation, lodging and food from her contacts, the complaint alleges.

The indictment alleges that Foote even convinced IEWC to keep open and raise the spending limit of a credit card she had fraudulently used — and continued to use — after she stopped working for the company in August 2011, reportedly assuring her employers that she was getting unauthorized charges repaid. Each wire fraud charges carries up to 20 years in prison and each credit card fraud charges up to 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000.

As I wrote this post, I couldn’t help thinking that there is a serious underlying issue with Ms. Foote. After having a run in with the law many times before and to continue to alledgely commits crime that will land you in prison is a serious cry for help. What are your thoughts on that?


3 comments on “Ex-police detective, daughter is a felon con-artist!

  1. mmkj

    How can I get connected with the director of this site because I have proof that she is commiting these crimes currently as I am currently a victim of hers. Please help me get in contact with you. I have filed charges against her as well as sought out assistance of the fbi.

    • CrimeDivas

      We do not have director of this site, only writers. It sounds like you have already done what you need to do contacting the FBI.

  2. Dina Santos

    I want to know why this all just seemed to disappear. She ripped off not just those companies, but some of my family members. Why is she not in jail?

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