Female White-Collar Crime Divas-Mordern Day Thieves

Embezzling from employer!

dis  We are well into the middle of 2015, and women are still committing white-collar crimes, still getting caught, and yes, still going to prison.

I had to take a time out to finish writing my new book. Of course, it’s about a CrimeDiva, and if you enjoy crime stories that provide more than the police profile and one sided reporting, you are going to love all the details to this mixture of terrorists, government, and guess what else? Stay tune, because DeVine is about to heat things up. By the way, I’m shopping around for a ‘great agent’, if you know one please do tell!

Today we have another CrimeDiva to add to our list, Alice M. Foss, 53, of Springfield, IL. Alice has been a bad girl stealing from her employer, Don Moss & Associates, a consulting and lobbying firm that specializes in services for disability rights issues, for over 12 years. Oh, my gosh! Yes, she admitted in open court that she wrote checks to herself, and used the company credit card to pay personal expenses, wire transfers for personal car payments, donations to a private school and mailing payments to personal credit cards. In all, she embezzled over $400,000.

What I find interesting is Ms. Foss was offered a plea deal if she accepted one count of mail fraud she would only get two years and nine months in prison. She however changed her mind and decided to take the case to trial. Of course, you know they convicted her of all five counts of mail fraud, seven counts of wire fraud and one count of access device fraud and ordered her to serve three years and ten months. I don’t know what she and her attorney were thinking one mail fraud conviction would be easier to start a new life than 13 convictions. In addition, if she had taken the plea she would have done less than two years.

I have written time and time again, if you committed the crime, it is in your best interest to take the deal. Better yet, it is best not to commit the crime. Check back with me this weekend…I have more bad girls that will make you want to say, “What the hell was she thinking?”


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