Female White-Collar Crime Divas-Mordern Day Thieves

Money in the dead!


This is my second post of a CrimeDiva involvement in a cemetery related white-collar crime. The very thought gives you an eerie feeling and makes you think this is definitely taboo. In fact, I was curious if this is a rare occurrence that is, crimes with the dead, so I, of course, googled it and you guessed- it’s not that rare after all. In fact, there were pages and hundreds of millions stolen.

Our CrimeDiva for today is, Monica Lou Pruett, 61, of Connell, WA, who pleaded guilty to skimming $53,485 from Franklin County Cemetery. Ms. Pruett was the business manager for the cemetery district, which covers Mountain View Cemetery in Connell. She also was “mayor pro tem” [Really!] of the Connell City Council until her resignation in September 2012 in the midst of another theft case [Oh my goodness, you bad girl, doing double duty crime] in which she took $160,142 from a Mesa farmer to pay her personal utility bills, property taxes, and business expenses.

According to records, the crime occurred somewhere between January 2004 to June 2012, but the state auditors could not say whether that was all that was taken because many of the cemetery district’s records, receipts and meeting minutes are “missing”, [Smart girl? ….leave no paper trail behind. Well, I guess she forgot some, otherwise she wouldn’t have gotten caught]. Ms. Pruett had worked for the district as far back as 1993.

Ms. Pruett was initially charged with two counts of first-degree theft, but in the end pleaded to a felony charge of “injury to and misappropriation of record.” [Wow, a new white-collar name for stealing–misappropriation. I guess that would look better on your resume.] She faces up to 12 months in prison and will be barred from working in accounting for 10 years. [In ten years what will she be able to do? Don’t ask that, we know I have some CrimeDivas much older then 71.]

Hey, check back with me on the weekend and find out who is this week’s CrimeDon. That’s right; we have to include all those white-collar bad boys!

Hey folks, don’t let the humor misled you of the seriousness of these crimes. Remember we are here to get the word out of just how serious these crimes are and to make women aware of the high price they will pay if they cross the line.


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