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Greed, Need, or Something Else Going On!

adollThe case I’m posting today has me truly puzzled, as you probably can see from the topic heading.  I mean, I truly don’t understand the diva today rational for her actions . . . that is, stealing from her employer–for what purpose. I say this, because once she was exposed and convicted she was able to give back over two-thirds of the money back. Now, if you have that kind of money, [I can’t imagine she was stealing to save up for a rainy day], why was she stealing in the first place.  So, let’s read through the information and try to figure out what’s really going on here. Maybe she’s dealing with some physical, emotional, or mental issues that are playing out through this destructive behavior. Maybe she’s a kleptomaniac, [If so, maybe she should have used this as a defense]. Yet still, maybe there’s something else going on that we will never know.
Today’s CrimeDivas, Michelle Morris Branche, 47, of Beaufort, pleaded guilty to one count of felony embezzlement and three counts of felony of obtaining property by false pretense for her enrichment of $150,000.
Ms. Brache worked as a, [Our number one  noted position for employee theft], office manager. [Those of you following this blog have you notice the profile: position of trust, educated and middle-aged. I wonder if this known profile is also making it difficult for educated, middle-aged woman to secure jobs in these positions . . . something to ponder.]
According to the records, Ms.Branche worked as an office manager for a medical office and embezzled from 2010 through 2013 more that $150,000. The records indicate that she falsified time records, created false patient payment agreements, and used funds to secure health and dental insurance for herself and family. There you go . . . was that the reason. She was pressed to provide this coverage for her family? If that was the reason, how did she come up with $100,000 to immediately pay towards the restitution? I hope family and friends stepped up to the plate and helped her in her time of need.
The record indicated that Ms. Branche was arrested after there was an accounting audit. Okay, if you happened to be someone who may be committing a white-collar crime . . .  stop it right now!!!! At some point you are going to get caught and remember this . . . you will lose far more than you gain from stealing, such as: Your freedom, your family, others trust and respect.
Ms. Brache was fortunate, because she had or was able to get her hands on more that two-thirds the money she stole that enabled her to get the sentencing she got. She was sentenced to four consecutive 8 to 17-month sentences, which were suspended and was placed under five years supervised probation, during which time she has to repay the remaining $53,059 in restitution.
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