Female White-Collar Crime Divas-Mordern Day Thieves

Non-Profit Theft of $5.1 Million


     Today’s CrimeDiva, Ephonia Green, 44, [Middle-aged female, again] of Upper Marlboro, Maryland was convicted of theft concerning programs receiving federal funds and one count of engaging in monetary transactions in property derived from specified unlawful activity. A lot of words for stealing on a sophisticated level.

When we look at the amount of money she embezzled it may seem shocking, however, this is the pattern of a true CrimeDivas. She has the ability to cleverly obtain money over a long period of time, without anyone having the slightest clue.

But let’s get to what the records say. This clever woman worked at the Association of American Medical Colleges as an administrative assistant making $56, 000 a year, and had been employed there since 1998. The records indicate that she started stealing in 2005. She, however, so nicely informed them that it started in the year 2000, but that only added up to about $38,000 from that point to 2005. [Interesting, she was keeping a tab!] Ms. Green was also the owner of a Bridal & Formal wear shop, which the government indicated was unprofitable and claimed that she sunk almost $2 million of the stolen money into. To divert money, she created phony invoices in the names of companies that closely resembled those of legitimate vendors that did business with the association, then approved them for payment into her own accounts. And like all things illegal, something always bring those things to light; the bank noticed a discrepancy and reported it, which set-off the investigation. [Have you noticed that these big time crimes are almost, always tipped off my something very simple; hardly ever, because law enforcement detected it.]

Though the judge, stated the case was shocking, what is more shocking is she only got 46 months for stealing $5.1 million and that is with her having “2” previous convictions. Usually, the time increases due to the criminal history.

I hope that reading these crime cases will alert others not to get involved in doing anything illegal. The price is far greater than the money and good time one may enjoy for a moment.

Help educate females about the downward road that white-collar crimes leads by simply telling them about this blog.

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