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Woman Steals from Law Firm

alaw     Today’s bad girl CrimeDivas, Julissa Rauhut, 45, of Alexandria, Va. was  convicted of embezzlement. Ms. Rauhut… surely working at a law firm provided all the knowledge of the extreme problems you ‘would face’ by committing a crime. You, however, are not the first and surely will not be the last as I have mentioned in this blog’s mission statement, greed has become a wide-spread epidemic. More on this in a post later this week.

According to records, Ms. Rauhut, a middle-aged woman [follow this blog and follow this trend] was convicted of 5 courts of wire fraud. This is not good, because each one of these counts carry a term of imprisonment. Apparently, Ms. Rauhut took the case to trial and lost. [You know what I’ve said many times about going to trial . . . they give you more time for making them do their job and chances are very slim that a jury will side with the defendant once made to look like a criminal, even if they are innocent.]

The records, state that Ms. Rauhut, while working at the law firm stole 120 checks and 64 money orders and then deposited them into her personal checking account at Bank of America. [Now, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that putting someone elses checks into your personal account will lead to a quick conviction of fraud . . . . A very poorly thought-out move; one which definitely puts a paper trial in clear view]. The records indicated that Ms. Rauhut illegal activities went on from 2008 through 2011 and involved over $186,000.

There are often times situations and events that are totally coincidental and no matter how innocent one may be the process [legal system] will make you guilty. I hope this is not the case. Although, it would be hard for a juror to believe that you did not purposely deposit over 184 transactions into your personal account by accident. Best way to avoid these legal nightmares ‘ladies’ is to do the right thing. As someone once stated, “If it doesn’t belong to you, you have no right to it.” Stay honest and watch your back, because you never know what someone else is doing that may without your consent turn your world upside down.

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     While, working at a prison a beautiful blonde bombshell female guard love for money has her trading sex for funds with the wealthy inmates that is, until she start sexing a young inmate for free. All hell break loose once the administration finds out and she’s sent to prison where by change she ends up as a roommate with the beautiful trucker, Eva. You have no ideal what is about to go down…. This novel is available on in paperback and e-book at most online outlet. [Given a 5  star rating]  Save yourself some $$ and order direct, Click here.


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