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Debt Free Biblical Principles -$20 Million Ponzi Scheme

church ponzi

      It amazes me how individuals use biblical prose to validate their personal agendas. Especially when using the phrase that is quoted by Jesus that he came that we can live more abundantly. There are many more that can be referenced from the bible that states Christians should be living in prosperity.  However, when we forget to use common sense we humans have a tenancy to become prey to almost any game, as the church folks that felt for this con-game.

This post is not centered on today’s CrimeDiva, Carol April Graff, 61, of Washington, N.C., alone. She played a big role in this church Ponzi scheme.

According to records, at least four individuals’ three males and Ms. Graff put together a scheme that defrauded over $20 million out of various churches. I thought these four people are interesting, because all are over the age of 60 and live in various places in southeast states. I wonder how they meet. More interesting, how the four of these older adults got together and decided to come up with this crime . . . . I don’t have to wonder why; we all know the bottom-line was greed.

Let me tell you what the prosecutor charged and convicted them of. According to the records, Mr. Thomas Kimmel was the mastermind. He apparently went around to churches in rural areas and presented a presentation to the members convincing them that he had the answer to their financial security that the bible speaks of. He assured them that there was zero risk for the money they would invest in the unregistered securities he sold and that they were protected by collateral such as car loans. Unfortunately, the churches and members felt for the con and these churches and their members invested when they truly could not afford to do so.

The records did not make it clear the exact role Ms. Graff played, but she was charged with conspiracy to commit mail fraud, selling unregistered securities and engaging in unlawful monetary transactions. Ms. Graff was given 18 months in prison that however, was because she testified against Mr. Kimmel, providing the government with all the details of the operation.

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