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Business Woman In Prison, But Government Owes Her $$$$$


Today’s post is not about a CrimeDiva, but about how easy it is for a person to get caught up in an unfortunate situation that sends them to prison due to governmental/agencies technicalities. This case goes further, as the governing agency that sent this woman to prison is exposed of a scheme of their own and owes businesses hundreds of millions for overcharging them, including the woman in this posting.

Our post today is about an Ohio business woman, Michelle Scaggs, who was convicted and sentenced to two and half years for what the state of Ohio claims was fraud for failing to pay $213,000 in workers’ compensation insurance.  Ms. Scaggs claimed she did not have any employees, but contractors. Ms. Scaggs and her finance were put in prison even after the BWC’s investigator was not able to describe the difference between an employee and contractor. [This is unbelievable!] Many states, counties, cities, agencies, and companies are all doing something that’s called ‘outsourcing the work’ to avoid the very financial burden this woman was also trying to avoid that is, contract with someone to do the work at a set fee, or rate of pay so you can stay in business because of the high cost of expenses/taxes like workers compensation. Many governmental agencies and companies go to great length trying to make it appear as if the person they contract with is not an employees. It is a very thin line and if you’re not a government body you can end up in the very situation Ms. Scaggs is in. One thing the government agencies are great at and apparently Ms. Scaggs was unaware of, it’s what they call, ‘cover your ass.”

The ironic part of all of this is, it turns out that the State of Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation was practicing rate rigging and now owes Ms. Scaggs, $80,000.  [Are you serious?] But, they are not going to release her from prison. Seriously, you tell me that there was no alternative sentencing for this non-violent crime. That the tax payers are being made to bear the financial burden of imprisoning not only Ms. Scaggs, but her fiancé, which probably amounts to far more than the $213,000, now minus the $80,000 owed to them.  This couple could have made some kind of payment arrangement, but the state choice to ruin their lives. This is crazy!

Check pictureThere are many more true life stories like this.  If you haven’t already, why don’t you read this short story.

“The Check” and learn about another government nightmare. (Click on the book cover to learn more).




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