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Overseas Investment Fraud – $5 Million

deaver    We are deep into a full year of blogging about female involved in white-collar crimes. I don’t know about you, but I’m deeply troubled that women are committing these crimes, but even more so by the age range of these women who are well into their mature years.

I was listening to a talk-show and the person being interviewed kept repeating that there has been a serious decline in moral values. I tend to believe that, especially with the influence of materialism bombarding us through the television, cable, internet, magazines and other media sources. I said that not to make an excuse for the problem, because moral values are ethical principles that are supposed to be instilled in you in your upbringing. So perhaps we are not doing a good job at teaching these values.

Today’s CrimeDiva, Linda Deavers, ’61,’ of Fishers, IN, was found guilty of 10 counts of wire fraud and 5 counts of money laundering. This means she took this case to trial, instead of accepting a plea deal. This also means she will get more time, because there are 15 charges against her. This is really sad, because more than likely she will probably get at least ten years in federal prison. [I know some say it’s justice since she stole those people’s money.]

According to records, Ms. Deavers was running an investment fraud scheme using the name of Angle Annie Humanitarian Trust, LLC. She had her investors believing she had connections with trade programs in Europe that would bring in large returns. [Here’s a little quote just right for this case: The essence of the “con game” consists of an approach to a formally respectful person with an offer of great gain to be made by engaging in an operation that is safe but frankly shady.In the end the person being “conned” is tricked through his own greed.]  Ms. Deavers collected over $5.2 million from those that were seeking great financial gains. The records indicated that Ms. Deavers returned close to $1.8 million to her earlier investor with investment funds from new investors. So what happened to the rest of the money…do you really have to ask. You know how those CrimeDivas live!  But can you imagine her surprise when she was indicted in September 2013, and then whiles returning to the states from being in Hong Kong the feds met her at a California airport and arrested her. I’m sure that was embarrassing.

Ladies if you are intelligent enough to come up with these schemes. . .you are intelligent enough to do it the right way, that is the legal way!

Do something positive today….Tell someone about this blog site. You never know who’s committing a white-collar crime. Let’s help put a stop to this crime.

W.I.T. is coming soon!



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