Female White-Collar Crime Divas-Mordern Day Thieves

Hepatitis C Infections Cover-up! $8.1 Million Fraud!


     This is an unsettling situation that is, when someone goes to a doctor to for with a medical problem and through carelessness and greed a person ends up death and others affected for the rest of their lives. This case is more than about greed, but represents how out of touch we have become with  our human concern for others. I am not saying that the CrimeDiva for today was or was not insensitive toward others, but the whole situation in which she took part in, is.

Today’s bad girl CrimeDiva, Tonya rushing, 46, of Las Vegas, plead guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit health care fraud that was, after she was the star witness against the doctor she conspired with. Yes, I know what they call that . . .but we are not going to go there.

According to records, Ms. Rushing was a clinical manager at  the Endoscopy Center of Southern Nevada. She created a separate company, Healthcare Business Solutions that she owned and handle the billing for the anesthesia services at the center.  Her company received approximately nine percent of all money collected for anesthesia services rendered at the endoscopy center, a nice $1.3 million. Ms. Rushing  and the co-conspirator doctor imposed intense pressure on the center’s staff to schedule and treat as many patients as possible in a day, and instructed the nurse anesthetics to overstate in their records the amount of time they spent on the anesthesia procedures.  They also instructed the office staff to rely on the false anesthesia records when preparing the claims for reimbursement which were sent to Medicare, Medicaid, and other insurance companies.

What brought the fraud to surface according to records . . . . There was an outbreak of hepatitis C in Las Vegas and someone died and six other began deadly ill. The outbreak was traced to its common source, the center and the crime of fraud was then discovered. The virus was spread due to double-dipping syringes into propofol bottles and using it on multiple patients. Wow, over billing, and then re-using syringes.  That’ s damn scary!

The government dropped many charges against Ms.Rushing for cooperating with them to testify against the doctor. She could get up to 30 months or none in prison!

Her lawyer was quoted for saying that “she’s looking forward to putting this matter behind her.” Ms. Rushing, it will never be behind you. The federal government does not provide expungement. When you apply for employment and all those other requested documents you will have to disclose you are an ex-offender. (Maybe you will be willing to help with a petition to get a bill passed that will allow federal offenders the same rights as state ex-convicted persons. I am not trying to be cute, very serious).



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