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     Here we go again! A professional–who achieved a lifelong dream of becoming a doctor, only to self-destruct. Just last week, I posted another female doctor in New York who accepted bribes for referring clients to a certain service. Now, here we have a similar situation, practically in the same geographical area. What bothers me is: Are these women not listening to the news, not reading, nor understanding the life changing consequences that will come from getting caught…and they will eventually be exposed.

Today’s CrimeDiva, Maryam Jafari, 43, Newark, NJ., was convicted by jury of  three counts of a superseding indictment charging her with conspiracy and two counts of violating the federal health care anti-kickback statute after a three-week trial. There’s that word again – superseding; we learned it is when charges have been filed and additional charges are filed later on, on top of  the previous charges, which can happened any time up to trial. Apparently, Ms Jafari was charged back in 2011, but that case ended in a mistrial because the jury could not reach a unanimous verdict. I’m not sure if they [Feds] went after her again for the current conviction, but looks like she will be spending 21 months in a federal prison.

According to records, Ms. Jafari, had an office in Newark and practice internal medicine there. The records stated that she  solicited and received cash kickbacks from Orange Community MRI LLC (Orange MRI) in exchange for MRIs and CAT scans she referred each month. The printed patient reports was used to tally the number of tests referred by each doctor and determined the amount of kickback payments for each.

Unfortunately, she agreed to meet with a cooperating witness [set-up!] at her office where she accepted cash payments for referrals to Orange MRI.

In addition to the prison term, she will be on supervised release for two-year, was fined her $45,000 and ordered forfeiture of $40,261.[Money she received from the kickbacks.]

Ladies, think about this; she’s losing her licence to practice medicine [for a while anyway], she’s going to prison for 21 months for ‘$40,261’ in kickbacks and to top that she has to pay $45,000 in fines.  There was absolutely nothing for her to gain in this horrible decision she made–to take part in this illegal situation.

Do you have a female friend, co-worker, neighbor or family member…tell them about this site. Let’s stop this madness through education.



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