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     Have you ever read something and shook your head because the action of the person made no sense what-so-ever? If not, this will be your first.

Today’s CrimeDiva, Police Chief Inspector, or former Police Chief Inspector, Tanya Brookes, 46, in Winchester, UK was convicted  on 25 counts of frauds.  According to records, her crimes were based on a range of petty frauds  of tricking “High Street” stores into giving her full refunds for discounted luxury items, such as:  breast pumps, Micro Scooters and cashmere blankets in bulk on eBay and in discount outlets. She then created fake bank statement on a computer to show she paid the full amount for the items and return it to different stores requesting full refunds.

Ms. Brookes, who worked using her maiden name Sillett , is a  mother of four children, went into the stores wearing her police badge, demanded a refund, abusing the trust the badge represented.

The prosecutor stated that Ms. Brookes was a “high-flyer” who went to great lengths to carry out these petty crimes despite earning a “healthy salary”. Both her and her husbands were senior police officers and made a good living.

Her main targets were Boots, Waitrose, Micro Scooter and luxury homeware store The White Company.

At first, she bought Poitier cotton sheets and satin-edged cashmere blankets from The White Company’s outlet store in Bicester, Oxfordshire, before taking them back to the Godalming store with a false bank statement. Then, she bought £35 Sculptinex facial treatments, £120 Clearblue fertility monitors and £130 Medela breast pumps in bulk on eBay – and took them back to Boots for their full retail price. Ms. Brookes bought forged discount vouchers for Lurpak online and used them in Waitrose. She would tell shop staff that the items had been bought by ‘an extravagant great aunt’. ‘Mrs Brookes would often be wearing her police ID on a lanyard round her neck – this was irregular, and the prosecution say it was a ploy by Mrs Brookes to capitalize on the trust people tend to place in police officers.’ In another scam outlined by the prosecution, Brookes offered to organize a stall selling Micro Scooters at her son’s nursery.  The PTA declined her offer, Brookes went ahead with the plan and when she received the two promotional scooters offered by the manufacturer, she returned them to the Kingston branch of John Lewis in exchange for vouchers and a different Micro Scooter. Ms. Brookes,  was found guilty following a trial of nine offences of making an article used in fraud, 14 of fraud and two of converting criminal property.

As I said there are some situations you just shake your head too because they just don’t make sense.  I however, believe there’s something else going on with Ms. Brookes. I’m not going to speculate what because I’m not a professional nor work in the medical field.  But, you know what… we can help women like her and many others by sharing the destruction such actions will have on their lives, their family lives; [as we can see from reading this woman obviously has young children as the information indicated she has a young son in nursery], friends, businesses and the community.  All you need to do is tell someone about this site, because you never know who is committing a white-collar crime. Join me, or

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Check picture     If you have teenagers, or know a teenager, this true short story, Password, is a must read. Becky is an average high webPaswaorschool student who has a passion for computer games and getting through firewalls. Becky becomes irresponsible during her first year of college and finds herself deep in debt. She makes a very bad decision and taps into a bank’s computer system. Will she get caught? Is the law far behind? Will she bring shame and disgrace to her family? Will her life be ruined? Click on the book cover to learn more.


They say ain’t nothing funny about prison.  Well, DeVine found a lot of humor in prison, and about the legal system.  If you enjoy a good laugh this is a must read. Click on the book for more information.Humor pic


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