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International Lottery Fraud Scheme

alot     The thought of winning a great deal of money for a small investment, such as when you purchase a gaming ticket for only a buck for the chance of winning millions, is very alluring to most people. But, be ware when you get a notice that you have won something through the mail. I’m sure everyone is aware of how simple it is to go to a copy center or better yet, use your own printer to print up something that looks authentic and mail it. With the economy as it is people will do anything to get money and for those that are gullible will fall for situations that are not up to par. As in what occurred with the diva in this post.

Today’s Crime Diva, Charmaine Anne King, 51, of Lauderdale Lakes, Fl., was found guilty by a jury [trouble]of conspiracy, mail fraud, and wire fraud.

According to the records, Ms. King and several other co-conspirators were a part of a scam that sent letters out to people congratulating them for supposedly winning more than $1,000,000 in a lottery, [Can you imagine how happy and excited these folks were; even more so with a fake cashier check in the letter]. The letter instructed them to call the claim agents who instructed them to deposit the check in their bank account, informed them that the fees for winning had to be paid out of the winning, and then instructed  where to send the fees. That should have immediately sent up a red flag. But, as I stated above there are always some gullible people that will fall for game. As the saying go, you can fool some of the people most of the time.

So, after these unfortunate victims did as instructed including wiring the fees they found out that the cashier checks bounced, which made them actually several thousand dollars poorer.

Ms. King is facing up to 25 years on each of the counts.

I find it very interesting how someone can be encouraged to participant in a group scheme that could ultimately have him/her do prison time. I wonder now if Ms. King is a victim also; could she have been misled that what she was doing was perfectly legal–not knowing that it was a con-game? I further wonder if that was the reason she went to trial to try to prove she did not know, which if she was guilty was a bad move. When it comes to peers judging you…you get judged harshly.  But it is possible Ms. Kings was just like the people that were gullible and felt for the scam. Unfortunately, once you are in a conspiracy . . . your in.

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