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Straw Buyer Fraud Netted $19.9 Million In Mortgage Loans!

ahouseIt is 2014, and we are still feeling the effects of the real estate fall-out from the last decade, and more individuals are being prosecuted for their roles which contributed to that crash.

Today’s CrimeDiva, Ging-Hwang “Felicia” Tsoa, 59, of Ashburn, Virginia was convicted for her role in a large mortgage fraud scheme that netted $19.9 million.

Ms. Tsoa worked as a loan officer at First Empire Mortgage and allegedly used her position to further assist  Robert Mikail, owner of Opus Jewelry in defrauding mortgage lenders. The scheme used straw buyers who claimed to be employed by Opus Jewelry to fraudulently obtain mortgages.  Ms. Tsoa allegedly processed nine loans totaling over $1.4 million in loans.

In total, the conspiracy involved the purchase of approximately 36 homes in Ashburn, from 2005 through 2007, and approximately $19.9 million in loan proceeds.

Ms. Tsoa could be facing up to 30 years, however, one of her co-conspirator was sentenced to only 24 months.

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