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Blue Cross Blue Shield Fraud


What are you willing to risk to get money?  If you ask,   the seven middle-aged women posted for today, they may say, risk it all. That’s exactly what they did, but the odds were against them, because they were convicted  of conspiring to commit mail fraud and all are possibly on their way to prison.

Today’s CrimDivas are: Malentha Robinson-Taylor, age 45, of Cordova, South Carolina; Kimberly Donaldson Broughton, age 33, of Santee; Pamela Richardson, age 41, of Florence; Latisha Brown, age 36, of Lake City; Cheryl Frazier, age 42, of Orangeburg; and Lorraine Porcher, age 46, of Sumter, each have entered a guilty plea in federal court in Columbia to Conspiracy to Commit Mail Fraud.

As I was reading the information about the case, immediately a red flag went up in my mind. According to the court’s information, Ms. Robinson-Taylor, worked at a dental office. [I’m guessing in the billing department.] She and her husband allegedly persuaded six individuals to join in a scheme that would allow all of them to get paid. Ms. Robinson-Taylor allegedly took these six individuals personal Blue Cross Blue Shield account information and created claims for services that were supposedly performed at the dental office, but were not. The six individuals we directly mailed checks for these fraudulent services [I’m assuming reimbursements claims], and they split the proceeds with the Robinson-Taylors.

 Here is where the red flag went up, they filed over $800,000 in claims for these six individuals. Over $368,000 in checks were actually paid to them. You know like I know, once those names hit the national data base and checks started going out an investigation was soon on the way. 

Now these six women received roughly $31,000 each, and the Robinson-Taylors roughly $184,000. I’m sure the judge is going to throw the couple in prison for an extended stay. And if the law works as it usually does and if these six women aren’t on the right side of our culture, they are going to get an extended stay also. Those of you who are reading the last line and understand what I mean then you know what I mean, and those that do not understand then it’s understandable. The maximum penalty for Conspiracy to Commit Mail Fraud is imprisonment for 20 years and/or a fine of $250,000.

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