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Pre-existing Conditions – Inusrance Fraud!

a pre ex     Okay, if you don’t know it, this post should confirm it, that is, the insurance industry is all connected together by one main data base. All insurance claims are recorded and are available to any insurer, especially federal and state governments that can obtain any information they need to get an indictment if you are trying to comment insurance fraud.

Today’s CrimeDiva, Lakesiha Stevens, of San Antonio, TX  was convicted of Insurance Fraud [workers compensation  for $29,000] and sentenced to ‘four years’ in prison…let me state that again four years for $29,000.00!!!!  This does not make any sense. Just think about it, if she worked for minimum wages full-time she would make over $60,000 . . . why in the world would you put your freedom on the line for that. I’ll tell you WHY . . . “a person simply do not think they are going to get caught. They have a false sense that the odds are greater for them Not to get caught and that is where they are wrong.”

Let’s take a look at this case and see why the odd are against you.

Ms. Stevens was involved in a car accident, which resulted in  minor injuries, and she then submitted  ‘multiple’ medical claims. She stated in her claim that  her treatments were for injuries and pain sustained as a result of her auto collision. The Insurance investigator assigned to the case conducted interviews with multiple medical doctors and verified that the medical problems Ms, Stevens was receiving treatment for were pre-existing conditions or newly emerging medical issues totally unrelated to the auto accident.

So let’s see what we learned; there are specialists that work for these insurance companies and government offices whose jobs are too  investigate claims, red flags go up, especially when you file multiple claims. And finally, you are going to lose far more that you temporarily gained.

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