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Nuns Gets Dupe For $285,000


     I am at a lost for words as I sit here and try to contemplate this crime. It’s not that it’s so unbelievable, or that it’s so horrific that even I would pass judgment. But it further affirms the epic spread of greed and lack of concern we humans have for one another. We are all guilty of some form of selfishness to some degree and I believe that to be an innate human trait and some of that comes from social conditioning.

However, just because you believe in a higher power does not mean you should be gullible and that you should not practice discernment when dealing with important issues in your life, not to say that either are the case in this situation, just a suggestion on my part. There will always be opportunists that will prey on those that find themselves in situations where they think others have their best interest at heart. In doing so, we often fail to take the necessary measures to ensure we will not become victims of others greed.

 Unfortunately, that is exactly what occurred when the nuns from the Religion of Jesus and Mary encountered today’s CrimeDivas, Linda Rose Gagnon, 59, of Orange County, CA. Ms. Gagnon was convicted of a scheme that defrauded (wire fraud), the nuns out of $285,000. Ms. Gagnon could face up to 60 years in federal prison.

According to the record, Ms. Gagnon, owned a real estate company and offered to help the nuns buy a house in San Diego that would be used for living quarters for their retired sisters. But, Ms. Gagnon used the money on her real estate company, and  for personal expenses — including lingerie, manicures, and valet pet-sitting services for her dog.

What can you say for such a situation? Yes, I’m sure a lot of words form in your mind. But, it is for this reason that this blog exists and our mission is to stop white-collar crimes, especially such as this, from occurring. Women need to understand the real consequences for these crimes: going to prison, losing their properties, being under-employable due to their criminal records, lost of friends and associates, distrust by society and others, etc., the list goes on.

Today you take an active role in helping by simply telling someone about this site. You never know who may be involved in a white-collar crime. It’s not like they go about advertising it. Most of these women committing these crimes you would never suspect. Also, purchase a T-Shirt (only $12- click on the shirt), wear it, and start a conversation. Let’s be the difference!”

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