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Chief Executive Officer $5 Million Fraud!


         Have you ever read an article and came to the conclusion that it made no sense.  That is how I felt after reading the crimediva’s for today legal situation. It made no sense, at all, for her to put herself in a position that would lead to her going to prison. This was also an unusual situation because ‘I’ couldn’t see one of the elements that is so common with most crimedivas and that is greed. From the limited information provided it seems that this crimediva made a very bad choice as to how to conduct her company’s business.

Today’s CrimeDiva is Sojin Lim, 60, of East Greenwich, R.I.  Ms. Lim plead guilty to one court of bank fraud and one court of money laundering via defrauding  Rockland Trust Company of more than $5.3 million, which she can be sentenced up to 30 years.

According to the records, Ms. Lim was chief executive officer and vice president of General Technologies Corporation, doing business as CompUtopia. What set-off a nightmare of events for Ms. Lim was Citizens Bank informed CompUtopia that it was no longer offering the company a line of credit and called in their loan. In order to satisfy that demand (CompUtopia as in Ms Lim) decided to devise a plan where she could get the money from Rockland Trust Company to pay citizen Bank. In doing so she falsified bank documents and overstated the company’s revenues.  A line of credit was approved and funds were desposited into an account for ComptUtopia. With those funds Ms. Lim paid the line of credit off to Citizen Bank and within a month CompUtopia went into receivership, which is a type of  corporate bankruptcy. A receiver is appointed by bankruptcy courts or creditors to run the company. This is the part that makes no sense, if the company was facing bankruptcy why didn’t she just let the chips fall where they may, which would allowed Citizen Bank to get whatever part of the funds that the receiver would allow.

I wonder if Ms. Lim knew she was committing a crime/s. I also wonder if there’s more to this than what it is being told.

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