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Imported Honey Taxes Gets Diva 3 Years In Prison!

ahoney       The more I read the more I learn as I did in researching the post for today. I was not aware of ‘anti-dumping duties,’ which are penalties imposed on suspiciously low-priced imports, to increase their price in the importing country, and therefore protect local industry from  unfair competition. 

Today’s CrimeDiva, Hung Yi Lin, 42, of Temple City, CA, the owner and operator of KBB Express Inc. in South El Monte, CA was convicted of violating U.S. import laws. Ms. Lin falsely declared that imported shipments contained sugars, syrups, and apple juice concentrate to avoid paying taxes on $39.2 million in a anti-dumping duties scheme. To make this clear, a supplier (China?) shipped to, Ms. Lin, products that were falsely claimed to be items they were not in order to avoid paying the heavy tariff that would be due on the – Chinese-origin honey.  Bringing in honey into the country at a cost that is far less than what local suppliers offer would create unfair competition [The price of local suppliers would be much higher than the imported item; ‘you know how we like to shop for bargains’].  The duties are in place to keep the playing field even for all. 

Ms. Lin was convicted of three counts and was given a year for each count to be served consecutively, and she was also ordered to pay $512,852 in unpaid tariffs. 

My biggest concern is as follow: There has been an import alert out for years on honey containing the antibiotic Chloramphenicol, which is considered “adulterated”, or otherwise contaminated as within the meaning of federal food and drug safety laws.  So not only do they want to undermine business fairness, but want to cause us bodily harm . . . . Bad form! Another great reason to by USA made, and grown.

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