Female White-Collar Crime Divas-Mordern Day Thieves

More Illegal Alien Fraud-$5 million!


     Some years back I was listening to a radio broadcast and the individuals speaking were making some very negative comments about a woman that had been indicted for a white-collar crime. Their opinion was based wholly on an article posted in the newspaper, which I suggests for readers to be mindful that when you read something even with a few facts blended into the information it is based on the writer’s opinion with all his/her prejudices. It is an one-sided view.  Even as I post on this blog parts of legal cases, all the facts and information from both sides are not present.  I”m mentioning this, because as noted in this blog’s mission statement, it is not our intent to belittle, disgrace, nor shame any of these women, but to educate other women of the consequences of their actions if they make a bad decision to commit a white-collar crime.

If you have been following this blog and have read through some of the posts you will see these women are from all walks of life, but mostly professional, college-educated, career women.  Why have these women, who are intelligent enough to know the high probability their actions will cause, committing white-collar crimes. Is it all just Greed! This year we focused on loading this site and our website:, with posts and articles about the crimes, next year we will continue to do the same, but we want to go deeper into these illegal situations, and find out why. Then, what can be done to prevent it.

As I said crimedivas are from all walks of life, meaning they also work every where. Today’s CrimeDivas, yes, there are two, are, Sherri E. Gutierrez, 46, of St. Joseph, MO., and Brenda De La Cruz, 33, of San Antonio, TX., who were both a part of a large fraudulent document conspiracy. It was reported that through their work in the state licensing office more than 3,500 fraudulent documents were processed to/for illegal alien ‘across’ the nation. It seems nearly every government agency was in on bringing this criminal investigation to justice, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Homeland Security, U.S. Postal Inspection Service, the Department of State’s Diplomatic Security Service (this is my first time hearing of this office); the Social Security Administration office of Inspector General, and other law enforcement offices.

According to the information, “More than 3,500 licenses were issued to illegal aliens by the Department of Revenue license office in St. Joseph. Conspirators helped illegal aliens obtain birth certificates and Social Security cards in the names of ‘other people’. These identity documents were used to obtain either a Missouri driver’s or non-driver’s license at the St. Joseph license office. The state licenses could then be used by the illegal aliens to remain unlawfully in the United States, to unlawfully obtain employment and for other illegal purposes.

These illegal aliens were usually charged between $1,500 and $1,600 for the various documents. It is estimated that more than $5.25 million in gross proceeds were paid by illegal aliens to members of this conspiracy. There were a total of 18 defendants involved in this conspiracy.  Our two crimedivas of the day were sentenced 65 and 48 months in a federal prison.

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