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Unlicensed, and Convicted Steals $4.8millions


     You know it really baffles me as to how individuals group together and decide (conspire) to commit a crime. I wonder if they think if they group together there is a less likely chance of them getting caught, or if they think, if they get caught they will get less time because there is someone else to point the finger at. In my small mind, I would think the more that know the higher the probability something is and will go wrong. We all make bad decisions from time to time, however when you have a group of people consenting to carry out a bad decision (illegal), it spells prison.

This case has several CrimeDivas, but since the officials main target was the diva of the day I will keep the spotlight on her for the same reason the officials did . . . she was already a felon.

Today’s CrimeDiva is, Bonnie Kathleen Kreamer, 47, of Riva, Maryland. Ms. Kreamer pleaded guilty to conspiring to commit wire fraud in connection with a mortgage fraud scheme, which resulted in over $4.8 millions in loss.

This is another one of those tangled and twisted situation, which goes like this.  Ms. Kreamer’s license to issue title insurance was revoked in 2002 after she was convicted of theft for fraudulently endorsing checks at a title attorney’s office where she worked. The information did not state if she went to prison. 

Apparently, she secured another job at, you guessed it, another title company where she hooked up with several other employees of the company. Then, Ms. Kreamer personally orchestrated deals between her co-conspirators, prepared false settlement statements, improperly disbursed funds contrary to the settlement and lender approved disbursements sheets, failed to pay off mortgage loans in accordance with the settlement documents, directed funds to entities created by herself and her co-conspirators, received proceeds of fraudulent transactions, and improperly issued title insurance policies. Together the ‘fabulous 6’ co-conspirators arranged several schemes so they could steal profits from transaction for themselves. They used illegal techniques to further the conspiracy, including short sales in which the property was sold for a higher price than was represented to the lien holder and the seller; sold properties not owned by the seller at the time of settlement; real estate transactions in which there were multiple sales of the same property at the same time; real estate transactions in which the buyer’s financial status was misrepresented to lenders; and transactions in which the seller and/or buyer were shown different settlement statements and the conspirators used the difference between the figures in the two statements to enrich themselves.

In reading the information, Ms. Kreamer is the last of the ‘fabulous 6’ to be convicted . . . I wonder what piece of the pie is left for her since everyone else already pleaded and were convicted. She could be sentenced up to 30 years in prison and a $1 million fine for conspiring to. . . . 

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