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Are Airlines Profiting Via Complaints Against Customers!


     I came across an articles about an Italian citizen being charged, convicted, and sentenced to prison for six month for interfering with the duties of flight crew members and attendant onboard a plane. I am including this as a posts, because it is considered a white-collar crime. One which I think is going somewhat overboard.  Please don’t get me wrong. . . I believe we should all behave with respect and within required safety rules while in any public arena . . . I however, do not see any sense in having the American taxpayers foot the bill ($25,000, plus court costs), to incarcerate a citizen from another country, especially for this kind of situation.  The person should be barred from traveling on any US flights.  I believe some of these situations are going overboard, especially since the airlines sale alcohol to travelers . . .

But what really have me wondering about the post heading is the court ordered the defendant to pay “the airlines” $25,000.  Would this not be in the best interest ($$$$$$) of the airlines to train their personnel to make formal complaints against flyers, which in pervious years these situations  would have just been dealt with through customer friendly conflict management. Something to think about!!!!


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