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America’s Green Card has a price!


     Although this crime was committed by a person in America the crime has international ties. The subject matter is one of great importance to American, Immigration.

Today’s CrimeDiva, Christian Huang, 36, of Poplar Bluff, Mo, whom was the owner of Asian Buffet, was convicted and sentenced to one year in federal prison on the charges of harboring and transporting illegal immigrants, employing an illegal immigrant, one count of structuring a financial transaction to commit visa fraud. She will then have to do six month of home confinement and will be on supervised release for two-years. To get this plea deal Ms. Huang had to  forfeit several pieces of real estate, vehicles, and cash to the government.

What put Ms. Huang under the radar of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) with the Department of Homeland Security criminal work site enforcement operations? Hiring illegal immigrants to work in her restaurant. Somewhere between January 2009 and August, Ms. Huang came under the radar for regularly hiring illegal aliens to work at her place of employment. Two of those alien employees were Noe Martinez Padilla, a citizen of Mexico, and You Zhong Li, a citizen of China. [I wonder when did they get questioned to start all this action, which actually started back in 2007]. Just so you don’t think I’m talking off the top of my head, the reports stated; During the terms of their employment, Ms. Huang provided residential housing for both employees at 802 Lester St. and 1016 Velma St. and provided them with transportation to and from work at the restaurant on a daily basis. Believe me these two were talking and not to each other. I’m sure this comes to no surprise to us, because it is probably not as unusual as one may think.

It seems the Huang family have a good deal of money. Ms. Huang had to give up three homes, two cars and cash! The legal situation came about from helping a Chinese citizen, Qui Ping Zheng, and her two children to come live among us here in America. Ms. Huang, and her father, Xiong Sheng Huang, reportedly entered into a written contract (Here it is, documented proof) with her uncle, Gang Bing Huang. He received $140,000 to marry Ms. Zheng and bring her and her two children to America to live at the Huangs expense and at one of the Huang’s homes, which Ms. Zheng was obligated to work in the restaurant for three years in exchange. Once Ms. Zheng obtained her green card, the uncle was free to divorce her.

To carry out this scheme, Ms. Huang deposited many times funds under $10,000 in several bank accounts, because those over $10,000 have to be reported to the government. The uncle flew to China in 2007, and married Ms. Zheng. They set-up household at a condominium the Huangs advanced funds for to appear as if their marriage was normal. In 2008, the uncle filed the I-130 for Ms. Zheng and her two children.

Unfortunately, after going through all of that, some years later, mind you this started 2007 and in 2012 the FBI showed up at Ms. Huang’s restaurant and arrested her right on the spot.

You know it’s great to want to help others, but if your help is outside of the law it is not worth it, and can possibly create a worst situation than it already is, such as in this case.  Ms. Huang, lost three houses, cars, money, and her business closed down, because she went to prison. Ms. Zheng and her children are more than likely have/are being deported, and the father and uncle are probably facing/faced criminal charges also.  Everyone involved in this situation lost.

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