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European Mom Defraud Government of Tens of Thousands of Euros!

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     This is one of those heart-breaking cases that just make you sick to your stomach, not so much for the defendant, but the ultimate victims, who are the eight children of the defendant that will be left motherless upon her incarceration. The damage is going to be so drastic for these children, because they have been living a privileged life: attending private schools, being in theater, and living in a mansion — to being displaced — more than likely they will be separated and placed in foster care homes.  My heart goes out to and for them.

I don’t know if today’s crimediva was overcome with greed, or if this woman’s action was a cry for help, mental that is. Unfortunately, Amanda Webber, 43, of Sussex was sentenced to four years in prison for what is being called the largest single ‘benefit’ fraud in the history in the UK. 

Ms. Webber is the mother of ‘eight’ children and had been married three times, but was on public assistance.  She was receiving about £10,000 a month.  The fraud was reported to be over £350,000, which she received over a seven year period by claiming that five of her children were ‘disabled’; had physical and mental problems including poor co-ordination, lack of spatial awareness, difficulties walking, unclear speech and a fear of crowds. But they really were high achievers who were attending private schools and were performing in such plays as:  Oliver! Billy Elliot and Les Miserables. Six of the children audition for the television show Britain’s Got Talent under the name the Von Webbers.

The Webbers were living in a seven bedroom mansion and had two cars. The report went into the fact that one of her husband was present during the benefit of these funds.  It was not reported if that husband has had charges filed against him, also noted was that it is believed she was in a lesbian relationship.

Ms. Webber was charged with 24 counts of fraud including, obtaining a money transfer by deception and obtaining property by deception. After a five-week trial she was found guilty of all, but one count.

The judge had a few chosen word for Ms. Webber upon sentencing: “You have chosen to have eight children and to live your life as you have, but you are not entitled to do so at the expense of your fellow citizens who work hard and struggle on modest incomes.”

This is the most disturbing aspect of Judge Niblet’s statement and that was, “a substantial custodial sentence was needed to act as a deterrent.” I hope in dealing with this situation the judge and the community do not make the children pay for something that was out of their control and were the actions of their mother.

This is an example of the real consequences from these white-collar crimes and I constantly say, there’s a bigger picture the person committing the crime fail to see.

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