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Rolling Deposit Scheme


     I wonder sometimes how some people come up with the ideals they employ to commit various crimes. Some can get very creative as the diva for today did. Unfortunately, you know the old saying for these situations–that is, what’s done in the dark will come to the light. This type of crime was new to me, but as of last week when I posted something similar I realize it is not that uncommon after all.

The CrimeDiva today, Clarice Brave, age 51, of Mission, South Dakota, pled guilty to the indictment that charged her with wire fraud for a rolling deposit scheme she allegedly carried out.  Ms. Brave is facing up to 20 years if convicted of this crime.

According to the FBI report, from August 1, 2012 through September 24, 2012, Ms. Brave allegedly devised a rolling deposit scheme to obtain money from the Family Dollar store in Mission, S.D. Ms. Brave was responsible for taking cash deposits to the bank, but she allegedly took cash out of store deposit bags for personal use and delayed taking deposits to the bank until she had enough cash from following days to replace the money she previously took. When Family Dollar management became suspicious that Ms. Brave was rolling deposits, they required her to fax deposit tickets, the deposit log, and the store’s daily cash receipt totals to the Family Dollar’s Loss Prevention Director on a daily basis.

This is the amazing part, Ms. Brave was able to get a teller to issue five deposit tickets from the bank without depositing any cash into Family Dollar’s bank account. [I wonder if the teller is being charged also. I am sure this is not normal or approved protocol for bank transactions. This is an example of how easy it could be to innocently get caught-up in a conspiracy]. Ms. Brave faxed the fraudulently obtained deposit tickets, in an attempt to conceal the rolling deposit scheme.

The information did not tell how much Ms. Brave stole. From a window period of a month and a half, I don’t think it was a great deal, however, she is facing a very serious crime and more than likely will do some time in prison.

These types of crimes can be prevented . . . the more we expose these crimes and talk about it openly the more effective we will be in preventing someone from making a bad decision as Ms. Brave did.

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